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"We're here" laura announces as we enter Kyles home.

Thomas held both our sleeping bags as I held the bags containing our clothes for tomorrow. 

"Kyle bought lucky charms" Tommy cheers as walking through kyles home.

"Hey guys" willow waves as standing up from the couch in the living room.

"Willow!" I cry as running up to willow and giving her a hug "how are you feeling?" I pull away and smile.

"A lot better" she half smiles "though I did give the flu to my brother"

"You have a brother?" I question.

"Wait you didn't now about Salix?" Tommy questions as sitting on the couch.

"Yes I have a brother" Willow responds.

"Sorry I just always assumed that you were an only child" I admit.

"Nope there's Salix, Avery, and I" she tells me.

All three of them must be adopted.

"Here" Ely gives tommy a cup of coffee. "Be careful its hot"

"Marry me" Tommy shines his pearly whites, causing Elijah to roll his eyes.

"Where's your mum?" Willow asks kyle.

"With Jimmy" kyle informs.

"Jimmy as in your step dad?" Tommy questions.

"No jimmy as in the mailman" Kyle says sarcastically.

"What about your sister?" Willow questions.

Sometimes I forget that willow and Kyle used to date. There's still tension between them, that's the only way anyone would ever know.

"Gemma's with them" Kyle tells her.

"So we have the house to ourselves?" Thomas questions.

"Yep" tommy cheers.

"Should we organize partners for tomorrow?" Laura questions.

"Shot gun Willow" tommy cries.

"Tommy you trader!" Laura cries.


"I'm your partner every year"

"Look you're a great girl and everything but I think its time for us to go our separate ways" Tommy starts "I think that the two of us want two completely different things right now so-"

"Don't use one of your break up speech's on me"

"Anyway" Ely starts "laura why don't we be partners this year"

"Fine" she folds her arms. "So who's left? Its just Kyle, Jacob, and Emma"

"Jacob" I cry as kyle says "Emma"

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