Chapter Eight

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My heart was bounding hard. My breath was hard as I thought about what would happen next. Like how would my life be?

' Get yourself together, Brianna. He can do nothing. I mean, he knows nothing about me, and my phone number is not enough to get me. And he is just a fighter, and a racer, like he can't use it much. ' I reassured myself.

" Brianna, Êtes-vous prêt? ( Are you ready?) " said mom with her French tongue. I rolled my eyes, and replied with a ' Oui. (yes) '.

Mother giggled. She seemed in the mood because of that lunch thing. She walked to me, and I saw her wearing a full sleeved dress that had several colors, but mostly black, near the end it turned gray, and then red.

" Oh my God! Mum you look beautiful as always. " I said smiling at her. She looked so good to say the least. Specially with the heels, and the simple makeup that she put. She let her brown hair fall down her shoulder until her back freely.

" Merci, sweetie. You look beautiful too. " she said giggling like a teenage girl.

After sometime, mom's phone rang. She replied, but talked in a low voice. I just ignored it, and thought about that Malik guy again. I was so scared. If mum knew, I would be dead.

" Okay, Brianna. A car is waiting for us outside. It will take us to his home. " said mom, with a cheerful voice. She seemed so excited, and I could tell that she would have been jumping up, and down if it was a choice.

Mom was confident with her steps, and she was quite happy. I didn't see her that happy in ages. I had to thank whoever made her that happy. I smiled and followed her. As she said a car was waiting out side corner us. A guy who was wearing a suite was waiting for us near the door.

" Bon après-midi Mesdames, master have sent me to get you both. Also to make sure that you are comfortable in your ride. " the man said politely.

I looked at mom wide eyed. Who was that boss of hers? Yeah! I know that he must be rich, but that was madness.

" Merci, Monsieur. " said mom, giggling again.

He opened the door and we entered. I looked at mom, and couldn't hold back the questions that I had at all.

" Who is that now mum? What's happening? And who is that boss of yours? Why does he seem to care so much?! It seems like he is more of a boyfriend than a boss to you. Please tell me what is happening here, because I am running out of patience. " I said, and huffed.

Mum rolled her eyes at me, and then said " Patience baby. Everything will be shown soon. "

" Seriously! Mum, I am going insane. " I hugged again, pushing my back to the seat.

" Calm down! " said mum laughing. I decided to shut up, knowing talking with her wouldn't help at all. It would make it worse.

I grabbed out my phone, and found a new text from Malik. My heart was bounding uncontrollably when I read the name of the sender. I took a deep breath, trying to look normal. I looked at mum, and found her looking out of the window smiling. I opened the text, and it read ' I see you did think that I would let you go. How low of you baby?! Just know that it is impossible to get ready of me. Specially that I will be seeing you soon. '

My heart was now bounding even heard. ' What did he mean? How would I be seeing him? Who was he? ' these questions were running in my mind. I tried looking for an answer but nothing came. I was sure that I hadn't meet him before, meaning that he would appear as someone new in my life. At least, that way I would be able to send him away. Right?

" Brianna, what's wrong, baby? Are you okay?! " asked mum getting me out of my thoughts.

I looked at her with a small smile, and shook my head a no. My heart was bounding so hard as I lied. I was so scared to be caught lying. It would be so weird, and mum would be so mad at me. I didn't want that. What should I do now? I couldn't stand his messages at all.

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