Chapter 1

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I'm Sitting in my room listening to music and reading The Faults In Our Stars, my older brother Nash and younger brother Hayes walk into my room with no knocking.

"What do you guys want?" I asked them pausing the music.

"Allison Grier, will you put down the book and listen!" Nash yells getting upset with me, he knows that when I get into a book I don't like to stop.

I set the book on my desk and face them.

"What?" I asked looking back and forth between both of them.

"Can you go to Camerons with us?" Hayes bursted out jumping towards me.

Cameron Dallas, Nashs best friend, gorgeous and my crush. I know it will never happen but a girl can dream right? Yeah we can.

"Why cant you go by yourselves?" I asked grabbing my telivision remote.

"Mom wants you to go so you dont feel left out." Hayes says lowering his head.

I'm not that famous I have a few thousand followers on twitter, Instagram, ect. They felt bad for me because they get a lot of attention. I didn't really care and I told them that.

"I will go but I'm not going out with you guys." I said blankly.

"Alli I want you to, we won't even go out that much cameron has a huge house with a pool and hot tub. I think we are set" nash says. I sighed and pulled my hair into a ponytail

"when do we leave?" I asked smiling.

He jumped up and hugged me then hayes jumped on his back and we all fell onto the ground making a loud thump.

"We leave Friday that means you have 3 days to pack and get ready!" nash says pushing hayes out of my room. I close the door and lock it sitting down at my desk. I pull out my iPhone and call my best friend Maddy.


M- Hey Bæ!

A- Hey guess what I'm doing Friday!

M- I don't know tell me

A- going to Cameron's for a few weeks

M- ooooo you know you gonna get with that right?

A- actually I'm not, I can't.

M- ugh you are so difficult.

A- I wish you could come with me!!

M- that would be amazing!

A- I have an idea, I'll text you.

End convo

I ran across the hall to Nash's room. "Hey can I possibly bring a friend to Cameron's so I'm not the only girl?" I ask sticking my bottom lip out.

"Yeah he doesn't care" Nash shrugs

I shut the door and ran to my room and texted Maddy and told her to ask her parents.

I pulled out my book and continued reading. My phone vibrated and Maddy told me she could go. I told her we would fly to California Friday. She would spend the night thursday and we would chill till our flight.

I set down my book and went to my bathroom connected to my room. I stripped down and stepped into the shower. I washed my body with warm vanilla body wash, then shampooed and conditioned my hair.

I stepped out and wrapped the towel around my body. I wrapped my hair up in a smaller towel to get dry. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a Nashty tee shirt and a pair of leggings with a sports bra.

I pulled on the clothes then brushed out my hair. I slight knock at my door catches my attention. I opened it and Nash told me dinner was done. I shut off my phone because we have a rule about phones at the table. I shut my door and headed down stairs.

I sat down and filled my plate with food. We had casual conversations about anything and everything, it was mostly about how our parents work day went.

"So Alli are you excited to go with your brothers to Cameron's?" mom asks look across the table. I shrugged and kept eating.

" I just don't want to be annoying. I feel like you guys have to ask me to go and you really don't I'm fine with what has happened with you guys. I'm happy for you and if I wanted to try and get big I would but I don't. So please don't make me feel like a charity case." I said wiping my mouth and dismissing my self from the table.

I went upstairs and turned my tv on and turn my phone on laying on my bed.

Text from

Hey can't wait to see you, and your friend☺️

To Cameron😎:
Same see you when we get there.

I locked my phone and took a deep breath. I shouldn't have acted like that.  I go down stairs where everyone was still at the table.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have mad a big deal out of it" I say clearly drawing everyone's attention.

"Alli you aren't a charity case I wouldn't communicate with you if I didn't like you. I want to invite you to these things. Your my little sister and I couldn't go with out you!" Nash says hugging me.

"Thanks but I'm 16 and your 17 not that much if a difference" I laugh pushing him.

I head back upstairs and lay down. It is only 7:30 but I'm really tired. So I crawl under the cover and watch tv until I fall asleep.

So my first chapter! what do you think?
So let's just pretend Nash is 17 hayes is 15 and Cameron is 18 okay!

Comment what you think!

Update soon☺️

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