Chapter 3

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Addy put the bottle of beers in front of the cashier.

"Do you have an ID?" He asked. She took out her fake one and showed it to him. He nodded his head and handed her the bottles "$17.59 ma'am."

Addy handed him a twenty. "Keep the change" and walked out carrying a bag of beer.

It's going to be a long heck of a night.

She walked out into the cold Brooklyn night. Glad she got to be alone.

When she got back to the institute the group wasn't there. Which was a plus for Addy. She didn't want to see them.

"Let's get to work" Addy said plugging in her earphones and opening a bottle of beer.

"Addy! Addison! Addy Fairway!" Alec said poking at his friend who was putting the chip back together.

"By the Angel! What?" She said turning to Alec.

"Why are you putting the chip back together?" He asked wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Because, I don't want to get in trouble" Addy said. Alec sighed dropping a kiss on her temple.

"The groups waiting for us, I said I'd get you" Alec said pulling her closer.

"Fine. I'm only going cause your there" Addy says grabbing her beer, the chip, the tablet and some tools.

"Let's go." He said putting an arm around Addy's shoulder.

"Miss Fairway, glad you could join us," Hodge said.

"I'm not" she muttered going back to working on her chip.

"Why are you fixing it, Jace broke it for a reason" Clary said.

"Why are you still breathing, your gonna die anyway" Addy shot back.

"Addison, what is the real reason your fixing it" Hodge asked. Everyone nodding.

"Faster she gets her mom, the faster she will be gone" Addy says going back to her chip.

"Y-you're doing this for me?" Clary asked

"No, I'm doing this because you will be out of my life faster and so I can keep my sanity... sane" Addy snaps.

She inserts the chip into the tablet. The screen comes to life. She takes out her stele "That's a stele right?" Clary asked

"Thanks for stating the obvious" Addy said "is someone going to tell me why we're here?"

"Camille stole Simon" Alec said in an annoyed voice.

"Great, I'll call Raphael" Addy said taking out her phone.

"He helped" Jace said

"Still gonna call" Addy said dialing Raphael's number. She put it on speaker so everyone.


"Hey baby, how's everything going at the hotel" Addy said through the phone. She say Alec tense at the word 'baby'.

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