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A/N:Hello lovelies! So I'm thinking about ending this story. Yes I know it's sad😱😓 buut mainly because I believe this story has enough chapters for Ordinal Scale. Like I've said, this is based off the movie, but the story is my way with my ideas . So keep that in mind please. But I want to thank you all very much for reading all of my stories! It means so much 😊 okay onto the chapter!!


Today was the day of Yuna's concert. Suguha, Shino, Keiko, Rika and Andrew were all gonna go. Tsuboi was still in the hospital.

Shino still wanted to be part of what's going on. She still wants to help me find out why this is all happening. It's endangering her and our friends..But I know She's the kind to not stay put and she can be stubborn. But I loved her courage she built up in herself after everything she's been through. That's my Shino. 

Kikuoka wanted to meet with me for a bit before going to the concert, so I was on my motorcycle meeting with him soon.

I finally arrived at the restaurant and parked my motorcycle. I took my helmet off and put it in the compartment and headed inside.

Kikuoka waved for me to come join him and I did so. I sat down in front of him with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Hello, Kiri-" I gave him a stern look and he held up a hand in defense.

"Ah..Kazuto. Good to see you again." Kikuoka said simply.

"You as well. Now what's the plan on stopping this whole mess with Eiji and the professor?" I ask getting straight down to the point.

"Order something first. Then we'll talk about the plan." Kikuoka smirked and I sighed and took a look at the menu in front of me.

I ordered some strawberry cheesecake and some tea.

Kikuoka tilted his glasses up from his nose and gave me a serious look.

"So..the plan is you're gonna go into talking to the professor in his class and get straight to the point about the <<Aguma>>. If he doesn't give you direct info, then go straight to Yuna's concert..but do not go in the auditorium directly. I will get you a tracker onto Eiji and you will confront him head on and may have to fight him, so make sure you're prepared." Kikuoka explained.

"Alright." I nodded.


Kazuto was off meeting with Kikuoka again. I'm in my apartment alone and I hate feeling like I'm all alone, but I know I'm not.

I sighed softly wanting to be with Kazuto.


~Time skip to 4pm~

I took a subway to meet up with Andrew, Suguha, Keiko and Rika. Kazuto was still meeting with Kikuoka and Tsuboi was still in the hospital last time I heard.

"Shino-san!" Keiko waved happily. I smiled a bit and waved back as I joined them.

"Where's Kazuto?" Rika asked looking suspicious.

"He's still in a meeting with Kikuoka. He's gonna be coming this time a little later." I say simply.

Rika scoffed and crossed her arms.

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