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I was in my dorm, alone and no Aubrey finally, reading 'The Fault In Our Stars'. It was a calming and emotional book for me. And I knew it wasn't good for my bubbly high-spirited personality, but it does relieve stress and that's exactly what I needed. It's just one thing I'm missing...

"Shitballs, my hot coco!!" I exclaim.

I didn't know what to do other than text my best friend who is hopefully out, to go and buy me some hot coco from Starbucks...

Me: Hey Aubrey!
Aubrey: What is it now Chlo...
Me: Hey! I can't check in on my bestie???
Aubrey: You know I'm in the gym and I'll be back soon, what do you need!
Me: Ugh fineeee, do you think you can very pretty please buy me a hot coco from Starbucks with a cherry on top?? (:
Aubrey: Anything else?
Me: No that's it.
Aubrey: Mhm?
Me: And any cake pop. Surprise me.
Aubrey: Okay...
Me: Thanks!! <3

Well the day seems like it's going good so far. No worries going through my head... my eyes feel heavy... and I'm so.. so comfortable. I could just take a small nap.


A random voice outside my door starts yelling my name, interrupting my peaceful moment to eye resting. The voice desperately wanted me to open the door, so I stood up all tired and opened the door.

"WERE YOU SLEEPING?" Fat Amy questions.
"Oh um, no I was resting my eyes." I correct.
"Sooo...sleeping?" Fat Amy continues
"Sure.. um what's up?" I ask.
"Well the Bellas are having an emergency meeting like right now in some amazing stadium!" Fat Amy exclaims.

I close the door in Fat Amy's face, rushing to my closet to find something cute to wear and physically run over to my mirror kneading my hair to look nice and open the door to Fat Amy still standing there as if she was asking me to take her over to the stadium as fast as possible.

"I need a-"
"Yeah I know let's go!" I command Fat Amy.

We rush out to my car and drive over to the stadium. Once we reached over there, it was massive and beautiful. I couldn't believe there was a meeting in such a grand place!

A/N: Thank you so much for reading! Soon more chapters will be out and I hope you all enjoy it!

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