Chapter One

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Chapter One

I smiled and waved bye to my mother before walking into the back of the school. The play had already started and I was the lead. I couldn't help but feel a bit pressured. Especially since the drama teacher kept yelling at me while I got ready.

So far the play had been going great, that's when I say him. His dark blue eyes were electric and filled with disgust yet lust. My heart practically stopped as the drama teacher pushed me in front of the crowd. I slowly did as I was told, saying my lines and everything, though I was slowly starting to choke. My heart kept racing; I could feel it pounding in my chest. I soon started to sing my last two songs, then ending the song. Though as I sang I started to break down, completely. Yeah it went nicely with the ending and all but it killed me inside. Why did he come? To hurt me again? Oh God no, please no I thought as I kept singing.

"If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much what've missed you since you've been away. Oh it's dangerous, it's so out of line to try and turn back time."

Tears poured like a rainfall to the point where my sight was a blur. My knees felt wobbly. I tried to keep my balance but couldn't. I fell to the ground in seconds, my eyes locked on the floor. I forced myself to finish the song; I didn't want to disappoint anyone. I sniffled once finishing the song, the sound of mummers in the audience of people asking what was going on. I could feel my heart racing to the point where I felt like it was going to explode. Just the thought of Him made it even harder to breath. I clutched onto the edge of my dress and tried to stand, but kept tumbling over as if I were drunk. I inhaled some more and tried not to make eye contact with the audience, not only out of embarrassment but at the thought of him seeing me this way. It scared me to death. I could hear the drama teacher telling me to continue. That annoying deep voice of hers' pestering me about how the show must go on, no matter what. I swallowed the clump of spit in my throat that made me think I was going to choke on it. My heart ached even more, why did I feel like this? I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

"You're here there's nothing I fear and I know."

I sang. Once I had finished the curtains drew down and the audience started cheering and clapping. I forced myself up and ran off the stage and outside to the back of the school as fast as possible. I quickly got on my knees and put my hands in praying form before I started to whisper,

"Dear god, Send me wings to help me fly away. Dear God, Send me wings to help me fly away."

I kept repeating over and over again as if God was really going to send me wings to fly away. My body shivered at the feeling of a cold breeze. My shiver soon turned into a shuddered when I heard the sounds of footsteps. My heart raced as the person got closer to me. My body shook rapidly as a horror expression could be seen on my face. As the person got closer, their hand rested on my shoulder I let out a loud scream and broke into tears.

"Please don't." I cried. The male looked down at me as if I had just said one of the most surprising thing in the entire world. I quickly scrambled onto my feet and moved away from him, keeping my head down as I stood up.

"Please don't what?"

I looked at him. His eyes seemed to glisten in the sunlight as if he were some sort of prince. His facial expression was normal, yet confused at the same time. Should I tell him? I contemplated whether or not I should. As I chose my answer I was about to answer him at the same time, that was before I heard some yell,


My eyes widened. Oh God please no. My heart raced as I looked around frantically not knowing what to do. I grabbed the male by the hand, gripping onto it tightly, not even knowing what I was doing at this point, before I started running, dragging him behind me. We ran into a near by corn field close to the school. I moved all the corn out of our way before stopping and falling on my knees. I tugged the male down with me and started to pray again.

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