Chapter 5

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The time seemed to pass by in a flash. I quit reading a while back to stare at the scenery around. Quaint houses were nestled into groups of trees while cobblestone roads led to villages brimming to life in an array of colorful houses. It made my inner reader swoon.

As I continued to stare out of the window, Felix sat next to me, tapping away on the laptop he pulled out. I couldn't figure out if it was a good thing he was so busy, or if I should thwack him upside the head and send the laptop flying out of the window as I tell the driver to step on the gas. Honestly, him being angry might be worth it. I glanced at him and noted the way his eyebrows scrunched, eyes narrowing to glare at the screen. Maybe he was already angry. As if sensing my watching, Felix gave a short growl and shut the screen. His hands went to comb through his sandy blonde locks, tugging on them.

"This case will be the death of me, I swear."

I sank my teeth into my bottom lip and faced the window to keep from laughing in irony. I guess it's not just me having things go wrong on this trip. Well, karma is a butt.

"I'm sorry." I said, unfeeling.

"It's fine Babe. It just means I can take a break to spend some time with you."

Felix's voice dropped to a husky murmur. He shifted in the leather seat to angle his body toward me, his arm came snaking around my shoulders as he tugged me into him. His gray eyes were alight, the side of his mouth quirked upward in a smouldering smirk. My skin crawled and I forced myself to be still and not move. Even though I desperately wanted to throw myself from the moving vehicle. Felix closed the distance between us and closed his eyes, lips puckered. I turned my head last minute as his lips came down to plant a kiss on my cheek instead of on my own lips. I wiggled uncomfortably in his arms which formed a steel cage around my body.

"Felix, stop. I'm not in the mood."

I lightly pressed against his chest, but his lips grazed across my cheek before lowering to my neck. Felix groaned as he trailed kisses downward and across my collarbone. The hand on my knee dragged dangerously up my thigh, inching my red and white polka dot dress up too.

"Are you in the mood now?"

Annoyance surged through me. I slapped at his hand on my leg and pushed hard against his chest using my forearm.


"Come on Babe. When will you ever be in the mood?"

I could think of a time. It would be on my honeymoon after I'm married. Strange enough, I don't see Felix being the one.

"After I'm married."

Felix sighed beside me, his breath coated my neck. His arm dropped from my shoulders as he scooched away some, but he kept his body still angled to me. Hurt flashed in his eyes, he drew his mouth down in a frown. Felix scooped up my hands in, holding them to his chest. His voice lowered to a murmur and he looked at me with pleading eyes.

"El, babe. What's wrong? Why are you being so distant? Ever since we left the airport you have done nothing but ignore me or give me short responses. You don't even look at me. You take my teasing as offensive." His voice dropped to a murmur as he looked at me with pleading eyes. "I love you El. For goodness sake, I can't even kiss you!"

Sadness lodged in my throat at his helpless, quivering tone. I glanced out the window, blinking back tears as the trees lining the road became thicker and taller. An ache welled within me, clenching my sporadic beating heart with emotion. I didn't understand how I could still have feelings for him. Yet, a part of me understood. We've known each other for awhile. Childhood friendship turned into love. I sighed and shook my head.

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