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*Jade POV*

I woke up with a warm figure againist mine, I inhale deeply and smelled the strawberry and vanilla scent that I love, as it belongs to my beautiful girlfriend. I wish I could wake up to this everyday, I wish I could picture this moment, put it in a frame and stay like this. It's like I'm in a dream.

I know once she wakes up this fantasy will fade. We need to talk about us, what happens to our relationship when she leaves this afternoon. The conversation we were afraid to bring up yesterday, too afraid of the truth.

Yesterday was wonderfully spent, we had a movie marathon, while we cuddle up on her sofa and steal cheeky kisses from eachother. At night, she took me out to a romantic dinner and expressed how much she loved me with every fiber of her body. It was a perfect way to spend time together before she leaves to the States again.

I glanced up to her alarm clock and saw how early it was. I decided to go back to sleep and spend as much time as I can hugging the life out of the blonde beauty. I burried my face into her neck and pulled her closer, before closing my eyes again, slowy drifting into sleep again.


Just friends

That's what we agreed on. It will hurt too much and cause too much trouble if we were together. The truth is, I'm just afraid that she would replace me, Perrie is a beautiful girl, she can have anyone she wants in a snap pf a finger, why would she want to stay with Jade Thirlwall?

My heart clenched in my chest when I realized that I could have changed this, three years ago. If I just forgiven her then, none of this will happen. There was always a possiblity we would end up together, everyone who knew us always suspected it would happen, even our mothers talked about our relationship.

Now that I ended my relationship with Sam, I soon realized that we were never meant to be, maybe I was just placed in that job to help him with his temper and show people his hidden kindness.

After we broke up, he realized what made us drift away, what made me fall out of love for him. He wanted to fix himself and be a better person. He started with apologizing to everyone he tormented in the past, including Perrie and the others. I remember being so proud of him that day, giving him support while I walk him in the room with my friends. Luckily, they were forgiving.

We're all now standing at the airport door, saying our tearful goodbyes. "It was awesome meeting you people, we'll miss you guys." The American girls said with gutted expressions coated on their faces.

"I'll miss you girls too." I said with a sad smile. "Us too." Niall quickly added. "Stay in touch alright?" They asked, and we promised them that we definitely will.

"Boys, I know I've told you this before. But keep my little sister safe or I'll literally come back and murder you. And that includes all you lots now." Perrie pointed to Liam and others nodded. Caitlin and the boys decided to stay here with us.

"We'll miss you sis, it's sad that we won't see you in a long time." Calum said. "I'll miss you too, my australian goffballs." She giggled, it made my heart break. That giggle made past memories fill my head. I just realized how much I'll miss her contagious laughter, goofy and weird sense of humour.

"Bye Caity." She turned to hug her sister. "Bye Pezzi. I'll miss you so much." She sobbed into her sister's chest. Her arms perpectively wraps tighter around her sister's neck. After living with each other your whole life, it must be hard to let go. I felt the same when Karl was leaving, but this is different.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna miss you too, Sam." Perrie smiled and Sam looked at her, surprised. "Really me too?" He looked like a kid that was given the best toy in the world.

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