Chapter 2

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"I can't believe you fainted" Alec said sitting next to Addy. "Izzy is pissed"

"I'm sorry" She said quietly nuzzling her head into his neck. He'd never seen her this vulnerable.

"It's fine, your fine" He said. She kissed his neck.

"Can you pass me the tablet, I wanna play a game" Addy said. He softly chuckled and handed her the tablet.

"How do you play a mundane game, on something of the Nephilim?" Alec asked.

"I overrode the system, and downloaded some games." Addy said. Tapping on the screen.

"And this is why you're our tech genius" he said planting a kiss on her forehead.

The gesture was something they did a lot. On the forehead or the cheek. Wrap their arms around each other. Spend more time with each other than anyone else.

Alec wrapped an arm around her shoulder and watched the girl play the game. "What game is that?"

"Dungeons And Dragons" Addy said innocently snuggling closer to Alec.

"Addy? Addy! Oh my god!" Izzy said running into Addy's room. She jumped onto the girl not caring that her brother was there.

"Owwie, Izzy, I'm sore" Addy says wincing. Izzy immediately let's go.

"I'm sorry" she says. She looks at the two and back towards the door. "Jace brought the girl back she's about to wake up. I'm going down to talk to Jace, and plus he's worried about you"

"We'll go." Addy says.

"I'm heading down" Izzy said jumping off the bed.

"Hold up" Alec says as the two get out of bed. Addy grabs the tablet and walks out the door with the two.

"Is she awake" Izzy asked. Looking at Jace.

"Dammit" Addy mutters in the corner. Everyone looks at her. She looks up and meets their gaze. "Sorry"

"It's fine" Jace says when the red head wakes up.

"Where am I? Who are you?" She stutters.

"What's the Clave gonna do about this" Alec says.

"I'm Jace Wayland" Jace says to the red head "I've saved your life twice tonight"

"Listen Wayland, no one gave you bragging rights, Okay? The only bragging right you deserve is how many times you got your dick in a knot" Addy says causing Alec to spit of his drink and Izzy to double over laughing.

"Who are you guys? Where's my mom?"

"I'm Isabelle, and we're here to help, Okay?" Izzy said sitting down next to the girl.

"The Clave is going to murder us" Alec mutters.

"Guys can we have a moment alone" Jace asked

"Yeah, like I'm going to leave you alone with the girl that's was the reason Addy almost died!" Alec snapped causing Addy to jump back.

"It's not her fault! What's gotten into you?" Jace says

"Me? look at you? Your drooling all over her like a love sick puppy" Alec snaps. Jace takes a deep breath.

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