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Hey guys! This is my new book! I know I have been coming up with a lot of new books lately but it's because I have LOTS of ideas and I can't put them all in ONE book, it wouldn't make since.

Max's POV

I was lying on my bed, balling my eyes, scolling through the comments on my photo, Ugly as f***. Kill yourself you f***ing  a**wipe. This is a nice picture of a dog's a**, oh wait, it's your face! You f***ing fag, go die in a hole, no one cares about you. Don't you dare come to the high school, we don't need your disease here.  It's unbelievable how much comments I got like those ones, and all of them hurt. There were a couple that said good things, but the bad things canceled them out. Then my phone rang, I looked at it and it was Z. I didn't answer it, I don't want to talk to anyone right now. It went quiet again, and then I got a text, I looked over, I saw the comments on ur facebook pic, I'm on my way to ur house. I grabbed my phone and responded, No, don't come. A few seconds later she responded, 2 late, already here. Then I heard the door bell ring, and my mom opening the door. 

Seconds later, someone tried to open my bedroom door, but I always locked my door, "Max, open the door," Zoey said, I didn't respond. "Max, I swear to god if you don't open this door," she said, trying to open it again. Still, it didn't open, then it got quiet and I heard some clicking noises and my door opened, revealing Z on her knees with a bobby pine in her hand. She stood up, put it back in her hair, and walked in, closing the door and locking it again. She walked over to me and sat on my bed beside me, closed my laptop, and put it on the bed side table, "don't listen to them, Max."

"It's not that easy, I can't just go, 'oh, I'm just going to mute everyone.' Trust me, if I could, I would. It's everywhere and it won't stop," I said, choking on tears. She just laid down and hugged me. "They don't want me there, I'm not welcome. I'll get beaten up... I don't even know how the high schoolers found out about me... I don't know any of them."

"Oh hun, it's alright, everything will be ok," she said, but the way she said it showed she also was worried. 

"They... they think it's a disease. It's just like my dad, that's why he left my mo-" I started to say.

"You know as much as I do that is not true Max, you're not the reason he left your mom and you know it," she said, looking at me.

"How do you know? If I wasn't the one that made him leave, who was?" I asked, she just shook her head.

"Lets not talk about this. Anyway, my sister is going to the mall, and I asked if she could take you and me to, I said that we won't bother her as soon as we get there, and it's a huge mall so we probably won't run into her. She said yes as long as we are ready by 2, and it's 1:45. so get ready." She said, standing up. 

"Why do I have to go? Can't I just stay here and be alone and enjoy the feeling of being hated by everyone?" I said, looking at her.

"I swear to god if you don't stop saying that I will slap you, now get your ass up and get ready, I'm going downstairs and talk to your mom, I'll be back up in ten minutes, you better be ready," and with that, she was gone. I sighed and stood up, going over to my closet and getting some clothes to wear. Who knows, I might find someone that actually likes me there... I chuckled, that was a funny one.

About ten minutes later, she came back in, smiling, "what?" I asked.

"I got..." she said then pulled out a card from her pocket, "your mom's credit card."

"How do you do that? You always seem to get stuff out of my mom that I can't even get out of her," I said, grabbing the card and putting it in my wallet.

"I got my ways, and guess what your cash limit is, guess!" She said, jumping up and down.

"What? $20?" I said. 

She faked hurt and put her hand over her heart, "how dare you think I would only get you $20?! Your limit is $100!!!" She said, jumping up and down again. 

"Really? Wow, you're a miracle worker," I said, hugging her. 

"I know I am," she said, flipping her hair and walking out, I just chuckled and followed her. When we got outside, I looked over at her house and her sister was already in her car, starting it. We ran and jumped in the back seat. I love the fact that I'm neighbors with my best friend, it makes things much easier. 

When we got to the mall, we had trouble finding a parking spot, but we finally got one, almost getting into a crash over it, and went inside. Right when we stepped inside, Z headed to the escalators, and I knew what store she was headed for. We got to the top of the escalators and we were in front of one of her favorite stores, Debs. We walked in and I spotted this really cute shirt, so I pointed it out and she gasped, finding her size and took it off the rate, throwing it onto my arms. She kept throwing shirts onto my arms when I finally said something, "Um, Z, you can only have six items in the changing room at once..."

"Well you can hold them while I'm trying them on," she said, smiling. I sighed, it's always like this but I don't really mind. 

After what seemed like forever but was really about 15 minutes later, we finally got out of Debs. She got a couple shirts, two pairs of skinny jeans, three pairs of shorts, and two dresses. "Where to next?" I asked.

"Well, we need go to Aeropostale to get you some clothes, and that's on the first floor, soooooo," she said, pulling me to the escalators that lead down. When we stepped on I saw this very attractive guy coming up, laughing with some of people behind him. He was so pretty. Z caught me looking and looked at what I was looking at, then she looked back at me in shock, "oh he's yummy."

"Z!" I said, kicking her playfully, laughing. He glanced at me and that's when he passed me. 

"Hopefully we run into him again," she said, smirking at me. I just shook my head but I to wished the same thing. 

We walked into Aeropostale and went straight to the shirts, both of going throw them. "What about this one?" I asked, showing her. She turned around with another shirt, we each looked at the shirts we were holding and shook our heads, putting them back. "What about this?" I said showing her. She looked at it and nodded.

"I love that!" She cheered. I just chuckled. 

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