Chapter 1

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"Alec, shut up!" Addy said "I'm trying to watch tv, and your tapping your mouth away!"

She and Alec Lightwood, her best friend, were watching tv, but Alec wasn't shutting up about how stupid watching tv is.

"No, I'm not gonna shut up, your going to know my opinion on how I feel about doing mundane stuff" he joked poking at her sides.

"If you hate it so much then why are you here" she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Your my best friend! Of course I'm staying, and plus when your by yourself you look like a depressed bug" Alec smirked.

"Your the one to talk" she muttered,but Alec heard her and pulled her under him as he started to tickle her.

"Alec! No... Stop" Addy gasped trying to push him off. He only tickled more.

"Take it back" Alec demanded with a smirk on his face.

"You.. don't look like a depressed bug" Breathed Addy. He got off as Addy's phone alarm went off. "You gotta go, I need to get ready for tonight's mission, go to your room" she said pushing him out of her room. Alec's room was right across the hall.

"Jeez, Ms. Bossy Pants, I'm leaving" Alec laughed as he put his hands up in mock surrender.

She goes back to her dresser and picks out her outfit for the mission. Black pants, black mesh shirt, a choker, and some and some ankle boots.

She walks out of her room to where Jace, Izzy and Alec are.

"Nice choice, Demons dig blonds" Jace is saying to Izzy.

"It's platinum" Alec and Addy said. Addy making her presence known. Everyone turns to her and Jace and Alec's mouth drop. "Boys close your mouth, your going to attract flies" Addy comments.

"And your going to have demons drooling all over you!" Izzy says. "Damn girl! You look hot, and I'm speaking for all of us!"

"Thanks Iz, you look way better though" She says linking arms with her.

"You need to dress like this more often" Jace said. Addy gasped in fake surprise.

"Is the Jace Wayland, complementing someone else other than himself?" Addy asked. Jace rolls his eyes and Alec gives a chuckle.

"Let's go, this is what the man looks like" Jace said showing us a picture of an old man.

"Let's go kick some ass" Addy says grabbing a seraph blade.


"Addy Stop" whined Alec. Addy was sitting in the back with Alec while Jace and Izzy were up front.

"No, you ruined my show! What type of evil person does that" Addy said smirking and continued to poke Alec.

"I'm sitting in the front with Jace because I know he would never annoy me like this" Alec said grabbing Addy's hand.

"I am offended, I'm not talking to you now" Addy says like a little child and turns away from Alec looking out the window.

"You so over dramatic" Alec said with a roll of his eyes.

"Let's go" Jace said

They all pile out of the car. Jace and Alec were at a fruit stand as they watched the demon shift into another person.

They all nodded at each other and headed towards the club, Pandemonium. Izzy in the front, Alec and Addy side by side, and Jace not behind them.

Addy stops abruptly causing Alec to look at her. Addy spots Jace, probably flirting with some red-head who looked angry. "Look, our brother got himself in a pickle" Addy said pointing.

Alec rolled his eyes and called out,"JACE!" The boy looked back down at Addy and rolled his eyes again "he's never gonna learn that not every girl will want to get with him"

"I think that might break his ego" Addy said smiling, Jace had caught up with the pair. "Let me guess, this girl was hot, you said something, and it angered her?" Addy asked the blond. "Who was she anyway?"

"I don't know" Jace said "Let's go"

They walk into Pandemonium and Izzy takes off her wig and starts seductively dancing, bring demons to her.

Addy stops one and steps in front of him "hey sweetie, wanna have some fun?" She asks biting her lip. He grins and she takes his hand and her and Izzy lead the demons to a storage closet.

Izzy takes out her electrum whip and Addy takes out her seraph blade. The demons start attacking, but Izzy and Addy take them out with ease. They go to where Jace and Alec are in time to see the red-head girl Jace was talking to push the demon out of Jaces arms "Watch out" she screams.

"Watch it" Jace pushes the girl behind him and all hell breaks loose. Demons come in, Alec and Izzy are fighting, so are Jace and Addy.

A demon knocks the seraph blade out of Addy's hand, but Addy freezes seeing the girl pick up the blade and it glows. She stood still and watch as the girl kills a demon.

The demon in front of Addy kicks her sending her flying into some boxes. Alec's arrow cuts through the air and kills the demon.

The red head runs out of the room as Alec runs to help Addy up. "Are you Okay?" He asked her as she clutched to her arm.

"Yeah, Thanks" She says.

Jace starts heading for the door when Izzy stops him. "Where are you going?" She asked

"To find that girl" Jace says

"Jace we need to get back to the institute, Addy is hurt and once she's healed we will get you her address if it makes you happy" Alec snaps. Everyone's gazes turn to Addy, Who was slumped against Alec's side.

"Let's go. Now!" Izzy said pushing her way through the crowd. Alec was carried Addy bridal style. Jace was next to Alec, looking down at Addy every once in a while.

They make it to the car and Alec sets her in the back seat. "Alec, just give me and iratze and I'll be fine, I just cut my hip" Addy said.

"You also need a blood replacement rune, you lost so much blood." Jace said.

Black spots clouded Addy's vision, her eyelids became heavier.

"Addy, stay awake we're almost at the institute, just keep your eyes open and look at me, don't close your eyes" Alec was saying.

"But I'm so tired" Addy says.

"Addison Fairway! You keep your eyes open and look into Alec's eyes, because if you faint on us, all hell will break loose, and trust me when I say I will hunt this girl down and give her a piece of my mine!" Izzy yelled.

Alec took ahold of Addy's hand and placed it on his cheek. "Look at me" he said softly.

Hey y'all!! How do you like it?

I tried to make it as close to the plot as possible but some things I'm going to change.

I hope you guys love it!!


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