Dangerous Corners

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I was hoping today would be like any other day. It had been a month since my contract began with Darius and two weeks since Xavier and I started dating.

However, a certain dragon continuously made it his job to make my life a misery and insisted I join him to some stupid party, swelling with snobs.

"Why couldn't you bring Reina instead, after all she is your fiancee." I huffed, tugging on the sleeve of my dress.

I seemed to have woken up to a magical wardrobe, with all kinds of clothes. Hey I'm not complaining.

"She was busy," he uttered in a matter of fact tone and gave me the great displeasure of following him in my heels. "Besides, you don't need to remind me of who I am to marry."

"Yeah right, busy." I muttered under my breath.

"Care to share?" He stopped in his tracks and cocked his head to the side, watching me intently through the grassy tones of his eyes.

"Not much," I shrugged and bit the inner corner of my mouth. His eyes bore into my weakness, "okay fine, just stop staring."

He scoffed with a quirked brow.

"She came by the office a few days ago," I replied his gesture with my own boring eyes, looking back at him.

He didn't seem to budge, nor did he show any emotion, as though he didn't mind what she was doing behind his back.

"Why was she there?" He asked nonchalantly, beckoning me with his hand to follow once again.

Damn formal dressing and these bloody heels, I fought back the urge to kick them off, though we were close to the entrance of the event.

"I don't know, she had a meeting with Xavier." I sighed wondering about the walk we had a few days ago at the park.

"Xavier?" Darius uttered, though sounded more like a grumble.

"You didn't know?" I asked, leaning my head forward, causing a few curls to loosen out of my bun.

Darius turned to face me, and blinked momentarily. "Do you want your head to fall off? Stand straight and don't say anything stupid."

I furrowed my brows and was about to retort back to him.

"Ah Mr. Fontaine, such a pleasure as always." A greying man met us by the door, rather small as he stood besides the towering Fontaine.

"Likewise Mr. Rowen, thank you for inviting me." Darius took a strong hold of the man's hand and squeezed it, all the while keeping a pleasantly straight face.

I could only glance at him in awe, he looked quite pleasing to the eye and his handsome features were more striking than ever. Seeing him look . . . happy, or rather seeing such a smile on his face made a change for the glares and scowls I was sometimes presented with.

I too greeted the man, "why Mr. Fontaine your guest is looking very beautiful. Make sure to hide her away from the other men inside." The old man mentioned with a wink.

I chuckled, though I couldn't help but wonder why I attracted the attention of older men, then again Amanda's words about the sleazy old men rung in my ears.

Mr. Rowen however did not seem so sleazy. For the host to welcome guests from the door was quite a cool gesture.

"You know," Darius whispered softly to me as we entered the hall. "We should take a picture together." His voice deep with an illustrious flair hinted with amusement.

"What, why?" I flinched at his proximity, feeling the sensation of his warm breath tickling against my ear.

"Well," the deepness striking the core of my heart, "since you were staring at me so intently, I thought having a picture would allow you to do so whenever you feel the need."

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