Chapter 9: Another Attempt.

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A/N: Even when times get hard, just remember that Every darkness has an ending, you just have to hold on. Just hold on..

Jennie's Pov

Waking up and receiving your memories back was something that was so refreshing. It feels like the empty puzzles in my head had been put together.

The members forced answers out of me and they eventually succeeded on getting valuable information about me.

They were so mad when I told them what had happened. I explained everything to them. They swore that once they fond out Nareun's location, they said that they'll make her rot in jail.

But before she could end up there, I would want to talk to her. Just why would she want to end my life? I know it's not just because of something that happened in the past, and I think there's something else that I want to know.

It's funny to see that my members are so caring towards me. I could not lift a finger when they are around. When I want to eat, Rosè would be there to feed me whatever food that she bought. When I am bored, Jisoo would watch with me since she brought her laptop and when I want to check my sns, Lisa would scroll it for me and if I will go to the bathroom, she would open the door for me and wait patiently outside till I'm done.

Oh come on! This is way too much but I'm enjoying it to the fullest. We became closer during the times that my world seems to fall apart. And I can see why, we promised that we'd look after each other before and we forgot about it until the things that happened a few weeks back.

Apparently, I cannot get out for a week since the wound on my head was still painful not to mention, the stitches on my head hurts. Wanna try being hit by a glass bottle? Just find Manager Oppa. He'll be happy to do it... Kidding!!

"Jennie-yah, Lisa and I would buy something for us to eat." Rosè said and dragged the maknae out of my room. I was stuck with Jisoo once again.

"Eonnie, I know you're tired. Just take a rest okay? I promise I won't run away." I told her.

"Yah! Even if you try to run away I won't let you!But I doubt that you can run away with a throbbing head." Jisoo said and we laughed.

"Ara Ara... I'll take a nap. Just wake me up if you need anything okay?" She added before taking a nap on the couch.

Jisoo is a heavy sleeper. Even if someone shouts and throws a party here at my room, she'll still be sleeping peacefully. Just splash water on her face and she'll wake up.

I was hearing a voice when I realized that I had woken up from my sleep. But I didn't open my eyes though.

It was definitely Nareun's voice!

"Ah, finally. After so many attempts of trying to kill you, I'll finally succeed. This isn't just anything about what happened in New Zealand, Jennie. I'm just getting revenge!" She said and laughed hysterically.

This girl is crazy. I opened my eyes to see Nareun in a nurse uniform with a syringe in her hand.

"Oh? Your awake? This will be more fun!!" She said and her face expression makes the hair on my nape stand up.

I removed my dextrose and got off my bed when she yanked my hair and pulled them harshly.


"I was planning to give you a generous way of dying but you tested my patience. Don't worry, I still have my knife here!" She shouted.

I attempted to wake Jisoo which succeeded. She was surprised at the scene and was trying to help me.

Basically, slaps, kicks and punches were thrown at the room. I'm surprised why no one is coming too. Is this room soundproof?

Just as before Nareun's knife was about to dig into my stomach, the door burst open with police officers that handcuffed Nareun.

I saw Chanyeol make his way on me.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I just nodded.

"It's over. It's finally over..." He mumbled.

Time Skip (Few days later)

I was discharged from the hospital and now, we're making our way towards Nareun's trial. I am so nervous right now....

My boyfriend noticed my nervousness and held my hand. We are riding together in a car, obviously.

"Jennie-yah, don't be nervous. It'll come out fine." Chanyeol said as he rubbed circles on my back, trying to make me relax.

When we got out of the car, cameras came flashing in my eyes, making me blind temporarily. Chanyeol immediately put my head in his shoulder, trying to keep the cameras away from me.

We got into the court room where I saw Nareun smiling wickedly that sent chills down my spine. I think she should go to an Asylum.

Nareun tried to defend herself saying that it was my fault that her father was killed 3 years ago, which means I was 18 back then. She said that her father was dead because of how reckless I was driving before. But it was an accident!

The prosecutor said that the case was long closed and it was considered an accident.

"What about the Heroine Scandal Miss Jennie was involved? Did you frame her?" The prosecutor asked her.

"Yes! I was the one that framed her. I was also the one that pushed her to be hit by a train and I also wanted to kill her the day you caught me." She admitted and before she could add anything else, Jisoo was preparing to attack her but she was held back.

"You b*tch!! You m*th*f*ck*r b*st*rd!! Die!!" She was violently saying that but Rosè and Lisa was holding her back. Luckily, no reporters were allowed or else... Her reputation will be destroyed.

"Once I escape here, I will kill her! Even if you say that it's an accident,  it's not. It's Jennie that's supposed to be in this seat!!" Nareun yelled back and it took a while to calm Jisoo and Nareun.

At the End, Nareun was charged with attempted Murder and Violation of the law for pushing and dealing with illegal drugs. She was supposed to stay in prison but she was diagnosed with a mental illness so she was sent to an asylum instead.

Chanyeol hugged me and gave me a peck on the forehead.

"It's over now, Jagiya. You don't have to suffer anymore. She's never going to come back to your life anymore." Chanyeol said and we went to the car to go back.

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