5. Angel

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 I escape the house at about six in the morning and slip into my car. I don't want my mom seeing me. Dad leaves at five in the morning for work while Mom leaves at ten. I just hope she doesn't decide to check on me again right before she heads out, only to find an empty bedroom.

As I drive to the Seoul Institute of the Arts, I feel my blood running hot in my veins and my fingers tap quickly on the wheel. This is crazy. I expected to wake up this morning, back in the normal reality. But nope, I was still in this one.

It's a little dark outside, the morning sun not yet risen. Still, I instantly spot the music school building a good distance away. I park my car right behind a line of other cars along the street, probably college students' cars. I hop out into the chilly morning and check my phone. It's 6:57.


I hurry to the front of the building where there are a flight of stairs. I scan the front and at first don't see anybody. I feel my stomach drop a little. Maybe he is still coming, even though it's almost seven. Or maybe he isn't coming at all and has played a little prank on me. Jungkook wouldn't be that mean though, would he?

Though if one really thinks about it, I am just a wierd stranger in his eyes that walked up to him and randomly started asking questions. Not to mention the fact that I blabbed on about the different reality. I never knew what exactly Jungkook thought about that idea, though. He'd just seemed amused at the time, but he hadn't complete disbelieved me. Was there, perhaps, a part of him that believed me? Somehow?

Or was he very good at hiding his feelings and was calling a psychiatrist this very moment on me?

Just then, my eyes catch a young figure exiting out of the university entrance. If I had dog ears, they would've shot straight up in the air as Jungkook comes down the stairs. Doesn't look like he called a psychiatrist. 

He looks a little different today. Or maybe it's because he's dressed more nicely for school. He wears a comfortable looking, but more formal grey-white turtleneck sweater and black jeans.

"Nari, right?" he asks a little shy, breathless voice, though he does seem to have a little more confidence with me than yesterday.

"Yes," I nod, thrilled he remembers my name.

"I found Park Jimin-ssi and it looks like we can catch him before he starts practicing, but we have to hurry," Jungkook tells me.

I blink in surprise as well as excitement courses through me at the thought of meeting the little mochi. "Jimin's already practicing? School hasn't even started has it?"

Jungkook shakes his head and begins to head back up the stairs, me following closely behind. "I told you, Park Jimin-ssi is one of the best dancers. He always starts dancing early in the morning, as well as late in the night. Honestly, some people wonder if he even sleeps in the practice room."

I can't help but laugh a little at hearing about Jimin. Second member of Bangtan here I come.

Inside the building, it's open and huge. A few students pass down the clean halls, all of which I dip my head to a little to show respect since they're older than me. Soon, we go into a brightly lit hallway with dark doors lining up on either side. Little windows show what's inside the rooms, and most of them look like dance studios.

Jungkook stops by a door and looks pointedly at me.

He has done what I wanted, now the rest is up to me. I'm about to knock when Jungkook turns to walk away.

"Wait, where are you going?" I call after him, panicking a little.

Jungkook pauses and looks at me. "You did want to meet Park-ssi, and he's right on the other side of the door."

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