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It was a rainy Friday evening in March, and Gemma, mom, Troy, Louis and I were all gathered in the living room watching TV. Gemma had a grumpy look on her face with her arms crossed over her chest where she was sitting in the armchair, while Louis and I were sharing one of the couches and mom and Troy the other.

The reason why she was so grumpy was that Devon was busy tonight, so she felt 'left out' (as she had liked to call it) without him. I kind of understood her though considering I was lying between Louis' legs while he was carding his fingers through my hair and mom was lying with her head on Troy's lap.

We were being all couply while she didn't even have her partner here with her. I would probably be grumpy as well if I were her. However, I couldn't help but feel content. Nowadays, I did quite often because Louis and I didn't have to hide our relationship any longer, a relationship we also did have now. It was the best feeling in the world, finally being able to show my love for him without having to pretend that I hated him.

I could tell our parents were happy for us as well because mom would always get this smile on her face whenever we walked into the kitchen in the morning on the weekends, Louis' arms around my waist from behind or like once, he had carried me bridal style down the stairs, claiming that his 'princess' shouldn't use her legs if not necessary. I had actually hit him in the head that time because, for one, I was not a girl, and two, I had two feet for a reason so I could walk without his help. However, mom had cooed at us and laughed, which I took as a good reaction.

Troy showed his acceptance by looking at his son proudly whenever he showed his love for me. I guess he and mom were just glad that we finally got together and had found someone who made us happy. Nothing else really mattered.

As for the people at school, they had obviously not taken the news that we were back together well. At first, they had started hating on me again, but this time was different because Louis was always there with me and stood up for me and us. He usually never left my side these days, and I absolutely loved it. We did have people who still liked hanging out with us anyway, so it could have been worse. Liam, Zayn, Ed, Niall, Miranda, Louis and I always ate lunch and just had fun together.

Ed and Niall had really shown how sorry they were for doing what they did so drastically, and both Louis and I had forgiven them by now. Louis was a little hesitant at first seeing as they had betrayed him pretty deeply, but now I was pretty sure the two boys had gotten to know the real Louis Tomlinson too, so they knew that he wasn't together with me just for fun. Our relationship was serious.

Speaking of Ed and Niall, they had actually started dating. They were taking things slow and trying it all out, but judging by the looks of it, things were going pretty well for the two of them. I was happy that Niall had moved on from me. I always felt so bad whenever I saw him look at me with this sad face. Now though, he was back to his normal, smiling self that I had missed. He was a great friend and I would have been sad if we had gone separate ways entirely after everything that happened between us.

On another note, mom and Troy had set a date for their wedding, and they were getting married on the 4th of August this year. It wasn't very long until then, and time literally flew by these days, so I was sure it wouldn't feel like too long. It was quite weird thinking that they would only have been dating for a little bit more than a year then, but I guess love had no limits. Why drag out on something that felt right?

What the future had in store for me and Louis though, I didn't know, but I was sure we would stay together no matter what. I had applied to a college in London while Louis had gotten a scholarship to play for Arsenal. If I was admitted to my college, it would all be perfect. Otherwise, I was planning to move along with him anyway, and even if we hadn't told our parents that, I already assumed they were aware of it.

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