Cheater! Ayase Eli x Male! Reader x Nishikino Maki

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Where The Cherry Trees Stand Tall

Your POV

Flashback: Three Years Ago

The graduation ceremony of Otonokizaka surely sounds like fun. They are even singing a Muse's song instead of the traditional song. I wished that my school was like that or even better, that Otonokizaka accepted the male students that wanted to go in there; unfortunately it was an all-girls school.

My graduation ceremony ended ten minutes ago, yeah, we didn't have school idols in a public school in Tokyo, and as such, my uniform is the typical male uniform, the black jacket with color matching pants along with the white button shirt below the jacket and brown shoes. This time in the jacket I had the medal with the emblem of my school and a paper in my left hand, in my right hand I had a bouquet of roses and white lilies and in the paper that surrounded the bouquet the second medal that I received was resting for my girlfriend to have it.

That's right, my girlfriend goes to Otonokizaka and guess what, she is part of the school idol group Muse, or now the ex-school idol group since after this graduation and a Last Live they will be gone forever and they will pursue their own dreams.

Also, I met the rest of Muse as consequence of my relationship with Ayase Eli. Nozomi-san kept mocking me with that relationship ever since we told Muse up until a few weeks back.

Well, look at that, it seems that they are now exiting the school building. I stood tall, with the bucket of flowers shining thanks to the Sun and my eyes radiating confidence as Eli didn't know that my graduation ended.

The graduated girls that passed around me kept looking at me since they didn't know that I was Eli's boyfriend or even know that I had a relationship with the school as such since this school is now a very privileged one ever since Muse saved it and it's pretty strange to see my uniform around the area.

Anyways, here she comes!

I started to run towards her as I saw a glimpse of blonde hair floating in the air and as far as my knowledge goes I only know a blonde girl in Otonokizaka. I had to avoid bumping into the sea of students that surrounded me but I finally got to see her, but with other man...

They were kissing at the entrance of the building of Otonokizaka. People were surrounding them as if they were clapping a new couple but when I got into the middle of the circle that people formed around them, everyone stood quiet while they all looked with sadness at my silhouette.

The male had medium blonde hair with his eyes closed I couldn't make a guess of their color but his uniform said all of his financial conditions. His uniform was a white coat with a white button shirt with a black tie, black pants and brown shoes as his school emblem let everyone know that he was the best, Betsunokikai.

I stood still for five more seconds, just looking at the in disbelief until my right hand lost any force and let bouquet fall onto the floor with the medal making a metallic noise as it impacted.

The look in Eli's face was priceless, it was like if she was in complete obscurity, just that the obscurity was me. The man looked at us confused, his blue eyes wandered between us, trying to guess what our relationship was.

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