Chapter 1

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I hold the necklace up in front of me. The amulet twists around on the leather string and the multicolored amethyst gleams beautifully in the light of the candles placed on the table. Somehow I can feel the crystal speaking to me, like it's calling me.

"Where did you get this? I've never seen anything like it." My gloved fingers touches the crystal carefully as I inspect it, I can't seem to take my eyes off it. The man, who sits in front of me, takes another gulp of his drink before he answers me, wiping away some mead from his upper lip with the back of his gloved hand.

"...I got it from a strange old man in the Faleia woodlands." I nod softly as I listen to his words, my eyes never leave the crystal that I hold up in front of me. The tavern around us is bustling with noise but the whispers can be heard through as they watch us carefully. The tavern is dark, and the only light sources in the large room are candles that are placed on each table and a big fireplace. The man's face is obscured by a hood.

"Faleia woodlands, you say?" My gaze wanders to the man as I raise an eyebrow.

"Those woodlands aren't many venturing into. Why were you so close to the forbidden border?" My voice takes on a bit more of a worried tone as I continue even though the man in front of me is a complete stranger. Maybe it is the crystal that makes me worried, I can't figure out if the feeling is mine or emanating from the crystal

The man lean against the table, but the candle doesn't seem to be able to light him up as much as I would have liked, as he brushes some of his fringe from his eyes. I can make out his lips, he's smirking for some reason.

"...Doing a bit of bounty hunting, what else? The man offered a drink and we started talking. Much like us now." I can feel his gaze wander over me as he speaks, his rough voice is tainted with a hint of suspicion. I did buy him a drink, only to get a closer look at the necklace that I had noticed just before, it piqued my interest. As I realize that I still hold the necklace in my hand, I place it back on the table and then lean back against my chair, crossing my arms over my chest. The man quickly takes the necklace and puts it around his neck again where I saw it before, hiding it inside his leather jacket this time.

"I see." I start as I brush some of my own hair behind one of my long ears. Somehow I feel as if I shouldn't get to close to that crystal, but as always, my curiosity is getting the better of me.

"Do you know anything about it? Is it valuable? Will you sell it?" I can't cover the interest I my voice, as I motion towards the necklace. I can hear the man silently scoff at my questions. He turns his head, as I assume his eyes wanders across the tavern, the patrons are quick to look away for some reason, before he shrugs slightly.

"...I've yet to see anything like this. But then again who'd let me sell them anything around here? Your side of our lineage have always been good at the interactions and liking." His tone is ironic to the point of almost mocking me, and I can't help but to shake my head. Wait, did he just say what I think he said? My side of our lineage?

"...I'll keep it for now." He continues as he takes another long sip of his mead.

"Tsk." I don't know what to say as the door suddenly flings open and the whole tavern lights up for a moment, I only now realize how dark his skin is, how his bright hair has the color of the moon, I was so busy caring about the necklace that I didn't really care about the man in front of me. I frown as my gaze wanders from him to the patrons around us, only now does it hit me that they've actually been talking about us. The man raises an eyebrow, almost amused this time over my reaction as he leans back against his chair.

"...Hit you now, did it?" He scoffs at me as he pushes his chair from the table, the end of his fur cloak falls from the chair to the floor with a thud. Without another word, he walks out of the tavern with me sitting there, only following him with my gaze. The surprise has left me unable to move at the moment, as I feel like I am attached to the chair.

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