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She's the flowers,
but she's also the rain.
She's the beauty of the day,
but also the nights full of pain.

"We're moving out!" Heaven informed her son excitedly. "Where?" The cute little voice of her son asked. "Mommy, told you she was going to a job interview today, right?" The toddler nodded. "Well, I got the job, and in order to do my job well, I have to live there." She explained. "Will we leave my toys here?" The little boy asked his eyes watering at the thought of leaving his toys. "No, baby. You can pack whatever you want. No let's go pack, we have to get up early tomorrow!" She assured him.

The pair quickly went to their room. Heaven got two suitcases from under the bed, and began to fill one with her clothes and necessities. After she was done with her luggage, she startet to put her son's clothes, and the toys he picked in the other suitcase. "Are you still going to sleep beside me?" He asked mother. "Of course, Zachy. You know I can't sleep without you." She responded. "Now let's bath you, and we'll go to sleep." She picked up her little toddler, made her way to the bathroom. The apartment they lived in was very small. A small living room with a kitchen attached to it. One bedroom and a bathroom. It was enough for them.


~The next day~

The driver was putting the luggage in the car while Heaven was helping Zachy put on his shoes. She handed the owner of the apartment the keys before they finally sat in the beautiful sleek car.
Her little bundle of joy was very excited. He was talking nonstop to the old driver. Seeing him this happy made her heart melt with joy. That was her life goal. Making him happy.

After driving for nearly 40 minutes, they finally made it to the big mansion. Even though she saw it yesterday it still took her breath away. It was magnificent. The architecture was beautiful. Looking down at her son, she smiled looking at his face. He was mesmerized too. The driver carried their luggage to the entrance, even after Heaven told him that she can carry them herself. But the old man insisted.

She picked up her son, and placed him on her waist, following the good man to the big main door of the mansion. "Will we live here?" Zachy asked her. "Yes, baby!" She whispered to which his smile widened. He loved the place before seeing it from the inside. The big doors slow opened revealing the same maid from yesterday. "Good morning, dear!" She greeted Heaven, and then her eyes made their way down to Zachy. "Who's that little munchkin?" She asked smiling. "That's my son, Zachary." Heaven answered.

The woman quickly ran to him, pinched his full cheeks. "You're such a cute boy." She spoke in adoration. At least she didn't judge her, or acted surprised, that Heaven has a son. This made Heaven happy. "Come in, I will show you your room. You settle in, and then you have to meet Mrs. Black again." Georgina explained. Heaven nodded following the kind lady. "Mommy?" Zachy whispered in her ear. "Yes, baby?" "This place is beautiful." He stated excitedly. "It is, my love." She agreed.

"There you are. That's your room." Georgina announced. The room was not too big and not too small. Just perfect. In the middle of the room stood a queen size bed with beige blankets and cushions. Everything in the room was beige and white. There was a bathroom attached to it. "Thank you." Heaven said before the woman left the room.

"What do you think, Zachy?" She sat on the edge of the bed cradling him in her arms. "Love it!" He answered. She gave him kisses all over his face, which caused him to giggle. She was so happy knowing that he's happy. "Now let's unpack."

~After some time~

After they settled in, Heaven and Zachy made their way downstairs where Mrs. Black was waiting for them. "Ah there you are." Mrs. Black got up from her seat to greet them. "Is that your son?" She asked looking at Zachy, who was blushing and hiding his face in his mother's neck. "Yeah, that's Zachary, Zachy for short." Heaven introduced him. But she didn't miss the look on the woman's face as she analyzed Zachy's face. Her brows furrowed in confusion, and the smile she had on her face vanished. "Is something wrong?" Heaven asked confused. "N-nothing." She averted her eyes from Zachy, and looked at Heaven.

"Give him to Georgina she will take care of him, while you're working." She stated coldly. Something bothered her. Heaven thought. "Come to me, my boy." Georgina took Zachy from Heaven's arms. Heaven noticed that Zachy didn't want to go, but she had to let him go. Since his birth he was always too attached to his mom, and never really liked interacting with someone else. "Don't worry, baby. I won't be gone too long, and you'll have a lot of fun with Georgina." She assured her son. He nodded wiping a tear from his innocent face.

Heaven's heart broke every time she saw a tear in his eyes. "We'll be having a lot of fun!" Georgina stated walking away with Zachy in her arms. She turned around to see Mrs. Black staring at her with a look of confusion on her face as if she's trying to put something together. "He doesn't look like you at all." She finally spoke. Heaven shook her head. "He looks exactly like his father." Heaven answered. "He doesn't know his father, right?" Heaven nodded sadly. She was confused as to why the woman was asking this question. Mrs. Black sighed before motioning Heaven to follow her to the kitchen.

"My son will come home tomorrow. So you have to clean up his room first, and then you clean his office as well. I want everything perfectly clean and organized when he comes." She told Heaven. Heaven nodded. "Larissa, will show you where his room is." She nodded her head at a beautiful brown haired maid. She had a soft tan skin, and was tall and skinny. She  was a beautiful young woman. Probably around Heaven's age.

"Follow me!" Larissa said coldly. 'Seems like she didn't like me' Heaven thought to herself, and followed her to the grand stairs.

'It's all for little Zachy.' She reminded herself.


End of chapter 3

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