Chapter 4

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It was two weeks, after Gundham arived at Hope's Peak. Everyone arived at class, but today was a full house where the parents, and siblings went with the students of Hope's Peak High.

Ibuki and Kazuichi walked in with their mother, and father who was still very sick. Sonia came with both her parents as well. Gundham came in with his mother, who was taking with all the other parents. Fuyuhiko and Peko, came in with Fuyuhiko's sister and father, and so on.

Kazuichi and Ibuki walked over to Sonia and Gundham." Shit, Sonia your father's pretty intimidating." Kazuichi said, shivering a bit. Fuyuhiko walked over with Peko, and his sister." Pfft these are your friends big bro, Laaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeee." Fuyuhiko's sister said glaring at the trio." Shut it or I'll do it for you fucker." Fuyuhiko growled at his little sister. She backed off a little bit. Fuyuhiko's sister huffed and walked back to their parents.

The Mechanic looked at the Yakuza's parents, and shivered again in fear." God why is everyone's parents intimating!?" Kazuichi said, looking around frantically. Ibuki put a comforting arm around her twin, knowing why the Mechanic is so scared. The Princess and Breeder went to comfort the scared Mechanic. The Yakuza and Swordswoman looked puzzled at the Mechanic. Why is he so scared of the fathers? They asked each other.

The Yakuza and Swordswoman wanted awnsers now." Hey Kaz why are so damn scared of your fucking own and other's fathers?" Fuyuhiko said quietly." Yes, I would like to know too." Peko said in the same tone as her Young Master's voice was. The four looked at each other, not knowing if they should tell the pair. The only one who knew besides the Princess and Breeder, was the Nurse. Mikan was the only one who the Musician can vent her worries about her brother to. 

"Hey you guys can trust us. Kazuichi is our damn friend too you mothetfuckers." Fuyuhiko said angrily. Kazuichi is his right hand man, he's helping Fuyuhiko gather enough courage to ask Peko out. Peko would be friends with whoever is friends with her Young Master." Kaz you're my right hand man, you help me I help you. I'm here for you." Fuyuhiko said, putting a comforting hand on the Mechanic's shaking shoulder. The four sighed and told the Yakuza and Swordswoman, what was going on. The two were inferiatied when they were told, and the Musician said she was too.

Now having this information, the Yakuza wanted to slug the twin's father. The blonde Yakuza spun on his heels to go do just that, his right hand was in a fist. The gray haired Swordswoman stoped the enraged Yakuza, before he did anything stupid." What the fuck Peko, do you really think I'm not going to do a damn thing about this!" Fuyuhiko snapped at the Swordswoman. The Swordswoman sighed, and looked at her Young Master." Young Master, if you did what you almost did.. Kazuichi would get beaten on the spot." Peko said, trying to calm her Young Master in the process." Peko is right Fuyuhiko." Kazuichi spoke up from a long silence. The Yakuza sighed in annoyance, that he couldn't do anything to help his right hand man.

Sonia looked around the classroom and saw Miss. Yakozumi had put up a missiletoe. The Princess looked at the the four that were talking, and had a plan running through her mind. She had to get the Breeder and Mechanic under it some how and it was the day before Christmas Eve." Hey Gundham, Kazuichi come here I want to talk to you guys about something!" Sonia said, with a small grin on her face.

As going according to plan, the two waked over, and to Sonia's luck the boys are right under the missiletoe." So what do you want  Princess?" Kazuichi asked, and Gundham nodded in agreement. The Princess giggled a bit." Look up." She said pointing to the ceiling. The Breeder and Mechanic looked up and both faces went pure red. The Breeder covered half of his face with his scarf, and the Mechanic covered his eniter face with his beanie.

The Yakuza and Swordswoman, looked over then waked over." You guys have to kiss you know." Fuyuhiko said, his arms crossed, smirking a bit. He found out yesterday that his right hand man had a crush on the Breeder." How did you know!?" Kazuichi said to the smirking Yakuza in whisper." Dude the way you looked at the damn guy made it pretty fucking clear." Fuyuhiko awnserd." I guess it can't be helped Mortal Kazuichi.. We have to do it." Gundham said nervously, uncovering his lower half of his face.

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