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The flight was awful. The only thing positive that I could think of was that I hadn't cried. Maybe I was just all cried out. Anyway, I'm a terrible flyer so I felt really sick for ages. Then the really sweaty bald guy who was sat next to me fell asleep after noisily eating a full tube of Pringles, then he began to snore! I wouldn't have minded if it was little light snoring noises, but this guy was half-man half-chainsaw!  

I wish that that was the end of Annoying Mr. Sweaty Bald, but no, because when I turned up my music, trying but massively failing to block out his chainsaw impression, he magically woke up from his half-dead sleeping state, tapped me on the shoulder and asked could I listen to a different GENRE of music because IT was annoying HIM. I'm sorry, but no one should be able to dis The Vaccines and get away with it.  

So, cut a long story short, I told him where to go, and then I got moved to a different seat at the back of the cabin for 'disruptive behavior'. Seriously. Finally we landed though. Dad said someone would be waiting for me in the car park to drive me to my new home. I hurried off the plane and went to retrieve my luggage. I was a little scared, doing this on my own. But it seemed easy enough.  

After I collected my suitcase, duffel bag and ruck sack I made my way to the bathroom to clean up. Planes did serious damage to your hair. So I stood there in the bathroom with my suitcase and bags redoing my hair and light makeup thinking about life from here on would be like. Yes, I was distracting my thoughts with more shallow things like hair and makeup, trying not to think about the events of earlier today. Can you blame me?  

It was turning dark outside, that blue/purple cloud phase before everything goes black. I looked up to see a big clock on the wall. 7pm. The airport was small and not that busy as I made my way out with my luggage. When I stepped out of the front doors the late evening air whipped around me, lifting my hair, soothing me.  

"Lilly!" I heard a deep youngish male voice call from across the car park. That was another thing, my sight, smell and hearing had been enhanced since my change. Maybe that's why Annoying Mr. Sweaty Bald had pissed me off so much. I looked around, and sure enough, a guy around my age was running towards me.  

I smiled politely when he reached me. He was cute, I'll admit. He looked like one of those teenage boys who were funny and happy all the time. His grey/blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that looked like it should belong on a tanned surfer kid, not a tall, lanky-looking-because-of-his-height pale kid.  

"Hey, I'm Lowe" he introduced with a warm smile, outstretching his hand. I smiled back, it was hard not to, he had one of those catchy smiles. I shook his outstretched hand.  

"Nice to meet you, I'm Lilly" I said, then remembered he'd just called my name not two seconds ago to get my attention. I blushed a little "But you knew that"  

"Yeah, I know a lot of things" He wagged his eyebrows and I rolled my eyes, trying not to smile but failing. "Wow, you can tell you're the Alpha's daughter. Jesus, same expressions, same features, same-"  

"Okay I get it, I look like my parents" I cut him off. Not wanting to hear how like them I was. Lowe's cocky, confident face softened.  

"Hey, I'm sorry. I know it must be hard on you. Don't worry, you'll get used to things quickly. Come on let me help you with your stuff" He offered kindly, lifting my duffel bag in one hand and my suitcase in the other, carrying them over to the car. I stared after him, wide eyed. I guess strength came with this wolf thing, too. I wouldn't have expected that strength to come from Lowe. He didn't look like one of those bulky jocks who constantly worked out.