4 - A Rainy Day

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Caleb sat in his office as he waited for Tasha to come in, he would do his work later.

"Hey, baby." She said as she walked in with a orange file in her hand.

"Hey." He said as he licked his lips before taking off his tie.

He never liked ties and suit jackets, he was from the hood and that was something you couldn't change.

"I got something for you." She said as she sat directly in front of him, on the table. She spread her legs so he could get a glimpse of her panty-less pus*y.

He nodded before she opened the file pulling out various pictures. He squinted his eyes before she picked up the pictures and handed them to him.

"It's your perfect wife. She's cheating, Caleb." She said as she glanced at the picture of a young Caleb and Hazel hugging on his desk.

Caleb scanned all the pictures but it was no evidence that this was her except the hair. Though twenty-five percent of him believed it was her the other seventy-five didn't believed it wasn't her.

"This isn't my Hazel." Tasha rolled her eyes at the 'my' he added. Like he actually cared for the bitch.

"How many girls do you see with this red hair?! Caleb, you know it's her!" Tasha shouted.

"Jenny had red hair." He said mentioning one of the co-workers.

You could only see a red head with wet hair pushed against a pool wall with a male in front of her. You couldn't see the woman's face at all.

"Jen's hair isn't this color red!" She shouted in frustration.

If only he would just admit it, he would divorce Hazel and then marry her. Then she could take all the money he owned and then have Deion to herself.

"Calm down." He said as he put his hands on her thighs.

She sighed before she closed her eyes, his warm hands traveling up her thighs before he got to her bare pus*y. He used his thumb to rub her clit as she moaned softly.

But she was only here to bring him pleasure.

He sat back in his chair before he unzipped his pants before he pulled his d*ck out.

Tasha smiled before she got on her knees.


"What's up with that kool-aid smile?" Rell asked as Deion cut his customers hair.

Deion shrugged before he wiped his razor off and used his brush to wipe the hair from his customers ears, neck, and forehead.

"You got some didn't you?" Ta'Rell asked as he sat in the empty chair next to him. This was Deion's last costumer and soon Hazel would be picking him up.

"Done," He told the customer as he took the twenty the man gave him before he turned to Rell, "Stop being nosey nigga."

Right on time, a ding came from the door. Hazel took off her shades as her red hair sat in a high ponytail.

"Damn." Rell whispered as he watched Hazel walk to Deion. Even the customer who was half way out the door was staring at her.

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