3 - Good Girl?

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Hazel continued to sip her water out the straw as Deion continued to talk about his Barber Shop.

Hazel was definitely impressed with his personality and looks.

"What do you do?" Deion asked as he sent Hazel a charming grin.

"I'm a designer in clothes, trying to make my way up." Hazel said as her eyes flashed to the TV screen that sat in the bar of Applebee's.

She hadnt been in Applebee's since she was a kid, before she met Caleb.

"At least I get to say I know the famous Miss Hazel in the future." He said.

She cleared her throat, trying not to correct him.

They had been in Applebee's for almost an hour and Hazel was starting to get cold.

"You cold?" He asked as she nodded, "C'mon, lets take you home."

Hazel froze. Home.

To her the bed was cold, it wasn't warm anymore. It was just cold as if no one had laid in it for years.

"Let's go somewhere else." Hazel said as she grabbed her purse and got up from the table.

Deion licked his lips, "Okay."

He stood up before he dropped a fifty and a ten dollar bill on the table, half of what he made today since it was busy.

He grabbed Hazel's hand as she looked down at it and frowned. Caleb.

Fuck Caleb.

She wrapped her hand around Deion's tighter before they walked out. Deion opened the car door for her before he leaned over and put her seatbelt on.

"I could of did that." Hazel said as she pushed her red hair out of her face.

"I wanted to." Deion said with a wink before he shut her door and walked to his side.

"Where are we going?" Hazel asked.

"Pool." He said before he pulled off.

"Wow." Hazel said as she looked down at the pool, it was huge.

"Can you swim?" Deion asked as he pulled off his shirt.

It had took them a hour just to get here. The pool was located in a mansion looking house.

"Yeah." Hazel whispered as she watched him pull the shirt higher and higher off his body to reveal a chest of tattoos, ones she never noticed on his arms.

Caleb didn't even look that good. Her mind kept going to Caleb, stupid ass Caleb.

Deion threw the shirt behind him before he started unbuttoning his pants. He looked to see Hazel just standing there, fully clothed.

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