Chapter Seven

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I was wearing a fucking male t-shirt. I was wearing it, and some shorts only. Who the fuck changed my clothes?! That person is so dead. I looked so inappropriate. I was so mad. My face turned red from anger. Asher, and Grace were laughing so hard.

" Yeah, laugh. " I said boiling with anger.

Grace tried stopping, but failed. She tried talking, but that didn't go quite well. " Sor.... " she was cut by her own giggling.

" What was that, silly idiot? " I said still red, but to be honest I had an argue to laugh too. Well, it was funny to be honest.

Asher was on the ground laughing. But he decided to kick in. He tried controlling his laughter, and said " What she wanted to say is...... Sorry.... "

He paused in the middle laughing too. I shot him a glare, and said " Don't say it while laughing. "

They didn't stop laughing, and I soon joined. Looking at then laughing was too much. I started laughing, that I fell to the ground. I was holding my stomach hard, from the pain that laughing caused. After laughing, Asher and Grace started telling jokes, and some situations that happened with them. It was quite funny. Like Asher entered Ladies' restroom on the first day of his college years.

" I swear. " I said between laughter.

After a while, we stopped laughing. I went up, and changed my clothes. I took some clothes from Grace. And helped the stupid situation that I was in. Although it was done, I couldn't help but wonder whose shirt that was. And who changed my clothes. The last person I remembered seeing was Malik. Could it be him?! No, it couldn't be. He wouldn't care, right?

I heard my phone ringing. I kept looking for it. I kept following the sound, till I reached the wardrobe. I opened it, and found my clothes there, along with my precious bag. I opened it quickly, and found my phone. I looked at the caller's ID, finally learning how to use it, and replied. Mom was the one calling me.

" Hello, mum... " I said smiling.

" Hi, how are you? " she asked, excited about something mysterious.

" I am good. You? " I asked her, smiling at the happiness in her voice.

" Good. Brianna when will you be home? " asked mum.

" When do you want me there? Why?! " I asked her.

" My boss invited us to his home for lunch. " said mom.

" Really! That is quite nice. When? " I asked her.

" At four o'clock. " replied mom.

" I see... You are not nervous about it now, are you? " I asked her. I was kind of confused. I mean, the previous day she was crying over what to do, and what was wrong.

" Why would I be? " she asked.

" What?! Mum! You were... " I was cut off by her.

" I know. Everything will be clear soon baby. Görüşürüz. (see ya) " said mum hanging up.

" Seriously now! Mum is back to Turkish. I thought she stopped annoying me with it. At least, she used a word that I can understand. " I murmured. Mom knew a lot of languages, and she used that to annoy the shit out of me.

" But seriously! What's up with her? "

I kept questioning myself about it. I was walking down the stairs, while talking to myself. What could she mean by this whole thing?! Things would never change this fast. I went down, and told Grace about the situation.

" I don't know. I guess, it is not a bad thing. Your mom will never do a thing that can harm you. " she said eating popcorn.

" Yeah, I guess. " I said, taking some from her popcorn.

" Hey! " she shouted, but I totally ignored her, and kept taking. I looked at the television, and found Harry Potter playing. It was part six. We kept watching, while eating. Asher soon joined us, and stole the whole plate of the popcorn. We yelled at him, and ran to get our popcorn.

We didn't stop running until we had Asher under arrest for stealing the popcorn. My heart was bounding so hard because of the effort that I just made. We took the corn from him, and started eating while watching again. He rolled his eyes, and sat too. Harry Potter was irresistible after all...


" Mom, I am ready. " I said, yelling for mom.

I made it home after the movie. Asher drove me home. Mom said that she was about to call me to come, and get ready. It was around two when I reached home.

I ran to my room, and found an outfit already ready for me. Mom said that I should wear it there, and I did. She did me a huge favour. I had no idea what to wear. Mom was in the cool mom mode so I knew her choices would be good.

She chose a backless pink dress. The dress reached one inch above my knees. It was quite simple and good. I loved it.

I wore simple accessories with it too, and went with simple make up

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I wore simple accessories with it too, and went with simple make up. I put my hair up in a pun, which wasn't messy. I admired myself in the mirror. I looked so pretty. Well, I had um...too much self confidence sometimes. I always reminded myself that I had to keep it in check, but to no avail.

After that, I called my mom, and went down. She hadn't showed up, meaning she was still changing. I took out my phone, and took a selfie. I sent it to Grace, and then closed my phone again. I soon received a reply from Grace.

' OMG! My bby is getting beautiful by the minute. No wonder y that guy had chosen u out of all people 2 claim. :-* ' was the message that came from Grace, as usual overreacting. But I had to admit, her overreacting made me jump out of happiness.

My phone vibrated again, saying that I received another message. I smiled, and looked at the sender. It read ' Malik '.

' Oh my God! What do I do now? I thought he would leave me alone after the night ended. What happened now? Did he truly claim me? Like wasn't it some kind of a moment thing?! ' was the thought I had in mind. I was so worried, and scared. Like what would happen next?! What would mom do if she found out?!

My heart was beating so fast, and my breathing became harder. I held my phone tightly thinking about my next move. Should I reply or ignore?! I didn't know what to do.

My phone vibrated again. I sighed, and decided to read. I took a deep breath, and then pressed on the notification.

' Hey, Aubrianna. '

' You didn't think I would let you go now, did you? '


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