Chapter 17

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Seth's POV

            "Thanks for letting me tag along to the party, Jake" I told Jacob smiling and he chuckled a bit

            "No problem buddy. Lacey would've killed me if I didn't" He said and we both laughed knowing that was a huge possibility that that would've happened. We arrived at my house and I got out thanking the boys for giving me a ride back home. They pull out and drove back to Emily's house because that night they had patrol. I had patrol earlier that day so I wasn't on night shift.

            I walked into my house quietly because I knew everyone would be asleep.

            "Seth you reek" Leah commented as she turned on the lap and I saw her sitting on the love seat

            "What are you still doing up, Leah?" I asked.

            "Waiting for my little brother to get home that's what I'm doing up"

            "Mom knew where I was that's all that matters" I snort and she rolled her eyes

            "You went to the Cullens graduation party didn't you?" She asked narrowing her eyes at me and if looks could kill I would've been dead

            "Yeah, so what?" I asked with a shrug of my shoulders

            "You've been awfully close with them lately. And I always see you, Jake, Quil and Embry whispering at Emily's house. What is going on with you?" She asked in a soft voice. With the voice of Leah I used to know before she became so cold.

            "Nothing. I'm fine now I'm going to bed. Goodnight" I told her and quickly walked upstairs and to my room shutting and locking the door. I quickly went into my bathroom connected to my room brushing my teeth and doing my business.

            I slid off my shirt and pants and crawled into bed with only my boxers in. I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand and looked and saw I had 1 new Snapchat from Best Vamp Ever ;D. Even though Lacey and I were dating neither of us changed the others contact names. It was our little inside joke.

            I opened up the snapchat and saw this picture. (Except she was holding her stuffed wolf)

            The caption read "I love him more than you :p' I chuckled and decided to Snap her back.

            I Snapped her back with this and the caption read "My life is over D: lol'. I smiled and sent it I set my phone back on my nightstand and fell asleep.

            "Seth breakfast!" Leah shouted from downstairs. I got up and slipped on some basketball shorts and walked downstairs

            "Good morning sleepy head" My mom said and I smiled. She served me 4 pancakes and I doused them in syrup

            "Why did you suddenly decide to go to the party last night?" Leah questioned and I shrugged my shoulders because my mouth was full. I swallowed and turned to Leah

            "Because I just wanted to"

            "Leah, leave your brother alone" Our mom said she just rolled her eyes and continued to eat. I finished and walked back upstairs just in time to answer my phone

            "Hello?" I answered

            "Hey, just wanted to call and see if you want to help me pack since we're moving back in with the rest of the family" Lacey's voice asked

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