1. How you meet.

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Bradley- You had always been a fan of the band since the start! You loved them all but you had something for Bradley. It was his lovely smile and beautiful voice that made you so attracted to him. Finally you were going to see the boys in concert for the first time. You had standing tickets and got to the front right near the stage. The boys sang a lot of songs and you sang along with them. Soon your favourite song from the album came on and Bradley got down and stared singing to you. You blushed as he sang the whole song starring into your eyes. At the end of the show you saw Bradley running out from back stage. He then came up to you and asked for your number.

James- You and your family wanted to go on holiday for a week. This year they didn't really have enough money. So they decided to go camping, you hated it. You packed everything you needed and a lot of things you thought you would need but you didn't actually need them. You then arrived at the campsite. While the rest of your family were setting things up. You decided to go and explore where you were staying. You came across a young boy with blonde hair. He was playing the guitar and singing. He then noticed you were watching. 'Sorry that was really bad' He said to you. 'No, your really good' You replied. 'Its the only thing I can really do here,its so boring' He said putting his guitar down. You sat down next to him and you told each other about yourself. Most of your time there you spent with James.

Tristan- You were having a really bad day today, nothing was going right. Normally your parents would give you a lift home but there car wasn't working so you had to get the bus. You hated the bus as there was never anywhere to sit. Today there was loads of people at the bus stop, it then suddenly started to rain. You had loads of folders in your hand from the work you had been doing that day that you couldn't find your umbrella. Loads of people pushed in front of you to get on the bus and get a seat. You moved up the bus to give people more room to get on. You saw a blonde hair boy with head phones in sat on one of the seats. He had his bag on the seat next to him, not letting anyone sit there. He was about the same age as you. Then as more people were pushing you, you dropped all your folders. You bent down to pick them up when you saw another person picking them up too. You looked up and saw it was the boy with the head phones. He picked them up and gave them to you. 'Here you go! You can come and sit next to me' He said while moving his bag onto the floor. 'Thank you' You replied as you sat next to him. 'What's your name?' He asked. You told him your name. 'That's a pretty name, but not as pretty as you. I'm Tristan by the way.' He replied as you blushed. He then asked if you had Facebook and you gave him your name and you added each other.

Connor- Your best friend was having a big sleepover with loads of people and she was inviting other friends which you didnt know.

You arrived at your friends and you noticed you knew a few as they went to your school. There was a group of boys sat togther. You friend introduced you to them. She told you there names; James, Bradley, Tristan and Connor. You couldn't help but stare at connor for a while. He had amazing eyes that you loved. 'Hey come and sit with us' Connor said. 'Yeah move up and let her sit with Con' Tristan said as he saw there was something between you. You sat with the group of boys most of the night.

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