1 - Back Then

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Hazel sketched the blue dress she had planned out. It was business dress, the shirt was a deep, sea blue and the skirt stopped right above the knees in the same color.

She felt someone looking over her shoulder. She looked up to see her assistant, Cherry as she called her.

"It's late, you should go home." She said as she took the sketch book away from Hazel's hands, "Caleb's probably waiting for you."

Hazel sighed as she stood up, "I guess I can finish it tomorrow."

Cherry smiled at her before she straightened up Hazel's desk while she picked up her purse.

"Thank you." Hazel said before she left out of her office.

For months she had been looking for a secretary and finally god sent her a miracle with Cherry. Her real name was Cherie pronounced Shuh-Rae, but Hazel decided to just call her Cherry.

She took out her phone before she sighed as she looked at the messages Caleb had sent her.

'Where are you?' She knew he knew that she was at work. She even told him she would be staying late.

'You ignoring me now?' Hazel rolled her eyes at that one. He always thought she was avoiding him when she couldn't answer her phone.

'I'll show you who you fuckin with tonight ;)' His last message made her whimper lowly as she walked into the almost empty parking lot.

She decided to call him when she got in her car. She put it on speaker as the loud ringing filled the car. The only noise was the car and her phone.

"Hazel?" Said his deep-voice, "Where you at?"

"On my way home, C." She said as she put the car in reverse and backed out the parking lot.

"I missed you baby, you had a nigga worrying." She sucked her teeth. If he was as worried as he claimed to be he would of called the office like he always did during an emergency.

"I missed you too, Caleb. You knew I was working late today." She said as she looked down at her Michael Kors watch, it was one AM on the dot.

"Not this late." He said before she heard shuffling.

"What you doing?" She asked, she would be home ten minutes later and she knew as soon as she stepped foot first into the house, she would be asleep.

"Nothin'." He said before she heard him shuffling around again.

"Caleb, what you doing?" She asked again.

"Nothin', you'll see when you get home." He said as the sound came to a stop before she heard the soft voice of John Legend filled the car.

"Okay." She whispered, wondering what he was up to.

"Aight, baby. I'll see you when you get home." He said before the line went dead.

Ten minutes later, she was finally home. She took the key out of the ignition before she looked around for my house key in my purse. When She didn't find it, she knocked on the door. Automatically the door opened.

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