The Girl Within The Woods

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I'm the girl within the woods, there are rumours about me,saying I'm powerful and mysterious and that I'm the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen, more beautiful then the sun itself but of course no one has ever set there eyes upon me.I have un human powers, I can feel when dangerous coming and people feelings and when I turned 10 I found a wolf face print on my back,it was weird and then the next day we moved away .I'm over a 200  years old but the body of a young girl, to any human eye you would think I was 18 maybe,I'm not sure of my age anymore.

 My name Fawn, like a baby deer I know right a baby deer fighting for it's life in the wild all by it's self.I have long golden hair that fell lightly on my back,it sometimes felt like it was never ending and shiny blue eyes with a hid of grey within them.When I was a young child my mother and papa brought me here to live, they raised me, my papa build us a hide away house within the tree's.

For years no one ever found us, the tree house was the best place to grow up, you could see the forrest, it truly was beautiful,we was shielded from the rain but once and a few a leak would come through but it wouldn't matter, my papa taught me to be Handy with tools and my mother taught me to read and write but my mother grew ill and she died after a year of living here.

She left me books and pictures of her and papa, some was when I was younger, later that night my papa and I burned her body, he cried the whole time and I had to hold him.

Days later, people had seen and smelt the smoke, that they come looking and with that my papa ran so I wouldn't of been found,but ever seen then, human or non-human have been searching for me.

That was until, I had came across a werewolf,so strong and power and to me it was mysterious because he was the biggest I had seen but then again when isn't a alpha powerful?

If only he knew me, ever seen I found him 100 years ago,I've been in love with him, his dark eyes and tall strong and his hair was black and cut nicely, it was good he was a werewolf because he didn't age and his been here longer than I have.

But that one day when he found me,I was done for, because what I've known for 50 year he found out in 10 seconds, his my soul mate.And he wants me to be his.


Chapter One.

I was sitting on a branch,feeling the wild blow my hair in one direction and my day to day clothes I was wearing were just a pair of shorts, that was made of some material I wasn't sure of and basically what humans call a bra.

I was looking for something to eat,I been sitting here for a few hours with my home made bow and arrows looking for something to eat.

That's when I hear it, the moving in the bush,I was ready to fire at it and then the deer jumped out,not seeing me,I aimed at him going for its neck when I took the shot the deer seemed to notice me,it went to turn but only the bow hid him in the shoulder.

It took off,I left the bow and arrow in the tree,knowing I could come back and get it if needed,I jumped from the tree and did I roll on the floor,knowing it wouldn't hurt.

I ran after it,it was ahead of me and not by much,I could out run it but it was getting dark and it wasn't good to be out at dark.

I pulled out a hand knife out my shorts and jumped on it,hitting the back of his neck right were his spine and head met.He fell to the floor and it took him a few seconds to die,I stroked his head and began to cut him up.

"what that smell"I heard that beautiful voice,I knew so well say,I ran up a tree and held on,trying to hide myself behind the leaf's, I could still see the man I was in love with and few other man, two was twins with blonde hair and brown eyes and the other had brown eyes with brownish golden hair.

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