Eyes On Her

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Part 3-

You throw your head back laughing your arse because you know how much Demi wants you, you look at Demi that's giving you the most evil looks ever, but after all you have just met this girl you don't want to fuck her not that she isn't beautiful nor, you just want to do the proper thing all the going on dates before jumping in bed with the first guy or girl that would, and because if your mother found out you was like she would kill you, because she brought you up better than sleeping around, and making sure you do all the dates blah blah blah.. As moms do!

You; " D-Demi I just don't think this is right, I'm sorry. Maybe I can take you on a date?" You feel yourself blush at the end bit.

Demi; " so you turn me on and say this now?! I'm just messing, I would love that" she says smiling whilst kissing your lips

You two stay like this for a while just laughing joking, just getting to know each other. You pull your phone on it's 5:00am


Demi I would love to stay talking to you but I need to get home and sleep you say laughing, she gives you a sad looks it melts your heart. Before getting up you cuddle her, share a few kisses you pick Demi off you and standing up yourself, she look so sad that you had to leave her here, you thought of asking her back to yours just like sleeping nothing else.

You; " Demi would you like to come back to mine?" You say holding your hand out to her.

Demi; " OMG! I didn't think you was going to ask me" her face lights up like a little child


I can't believe I've meet this amazing person, she's so perfect. That smile melts me, the way she looks into my eyes gives me butterflies. I feel like a little girl again.. I haven't felt this way for ages now, there is someone about Y/N I just can't get enough. I really need to make her mine. I'm liking her, it's weird though because we have only just met, it's not love, is it?.. No it can't be that what people just say about "love at first site" it's bullshit wife-tale, at the club it got very heated I wanted Y/N inside me, but it didn't happen that kinda upset me, because does she think I'm ugly? I'm not good enough? But then she was saying she wants to do it properly that's cute. Then she said she had to go, I didn't wanna let her go I've just found her, I felt my heart ache like we just broke up or something. I wanted no.. I need her by my side, then went she told me would I like to go back hers, I just couldn't stop smiling that I get to sleep with this amazing beautiful girl by my self.. This day has to be the must perfect day ever!!

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