35 - Reunited: Day Twenty-Six

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Simon and Camilla walked past the crowd of screaming fans that had gathered outside the MTV studio. Even after they'd entered the building and closed the doors, the screams still permeated through the halls. The two of them were greeted at the front desk and escorted upstairs to one of the boardrooms.

The two bands had agreed to do a television interview in an attempt to get Melanie back into routine and to finally make an appearance for their fans. It would be their first since the accident and their break from the tour. There were no plans for Melanie to participate in the interview, but her friends were following Lucy's advice and exposing Melanie to her previous lifestyle in hopes of stimulating her memory.

The bands were due to arrive within the hour, but Simon wanted to prep the crew for their arrival. He and Sam wanted to do everything in their power to make Melanie feel secure.

"We'll do everything we can to make the artists comfortable while they're here," said the show's producer. "I'll make sure everyone is aware that they aren't to approach Melanie at any time." He looked around at the rest of the crew, making eye contact with each person in the room to ensure they knew Simon's request was serious.

"That would be greatly appreciated," said Simon. "We really have no idea how she's going to handle this type of environment."

Simon thanked the crew and followed the producer out of the room to check out the dressing rooms to make sure they were acceptable for the bands.

"This is all a bunch of shit," scoffed James, one of the PAs. He leaned back in his chair with his arms behind his head and put his feet up on the table. "There's nothing wrong with that bitch. She was tired of being considered the boring, dyke Spice Girl, so this is what they came up with to get her some attention."

"What are you talking about?" Greg, one of the cameramen, snorted.

"Just watch. Next week her memory will be fine and they'll be back to touring and making millions. Every television program and publication will be climbing over one another to get an interview. There'll be a movie deal and a documentary, then she'll fuck off and go solo," James speculated.

"You're an idiot," Pam, one of the audio techs, groaned.

"I'll prove it," said James. "Just watch. She's got to fuck up her act eventually."

"Don't do anything stupid, James," Greg warned. "Harold is looking for a reason to fire your ass."

"If I get him proof exposing this chick, he'll be rolling in cash," James snorted. "I'll probably be promoted."

"I want to go on record stating I do not approve nor do I want to have any part of this shit," said Pam, standing up to leave.

"I'm with you," said Greg, following Pam to the door.

"Pussies," James laughed. He rolled his eyes and pushed himself away from the table. He walked through the hall, stopping amongst a crowd of MTV employees.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"They're bringing the Spice Girls in," replied Jill, another camera operator. "They didn't want anyone around until they got Melanie C into the dressing room."

"Are you fucking serious?" James laughed, rolling his eyes and pulling his phone from his jacket pocket before pulling his hood over his head and walking away from the group toward the back staircase. He made his way down the stairs and into the security office where his friend, Finn, was working.

"No fair. You've got the best view!" James stated, causing Finn to jump in his chair.

"What the fuck!? You asshole! I almost spilled my coffee," Finn hissed.

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