27 - Reunited: Day Nine

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"Melanie?" Geri asked. "You all right?" She could see that Melanie was uncomfortable and had noticed her shifting around awkwardly.

"Do you need to use the toilet, love?" Victoria asked. Melanie looked back at her desperately, knowing it might be her only opportunity to get permission to go.

"Go on," said Mel. "You don't even need to ask. If you've got to wee, you just go."

Melanie looked at each of the girls and slowly slid off the bed, waiting for them to get mad with her. The girls went back to looking through the catalogue, paying no attention to her as she slowly backed toward the door. Unable to hold it any longer, Melanie quickly raced to the washroom and locked herself in.

"Poor thing," Victoria sighed. "She's going to end up weeing herself at some point if we're not watching enough to pick up on that."

"Maybe we should make a point of checking every few hours?" Geri suggested. The girls nodded in agreement before going back to looking through the catalogues.

Once she was finished in the washroom, Melanie quietly opened the door and checked the hallway to make sure no one was waiting outside to punish her. She could see the girls in the bedroom, all fully engrossed in the catalogues, none of them taking any notice of her.

Keeping her eyes on the girls, she silently walked away from the bedroom and peeked into the sitting room and kitchen to see if anyone was there. Finding the rest of the suite empty, she moved quickly toward the door to the hallway and looked through the spy hole to see if anyone was outside. She gripped the door handle and slowly turned the knob, trying not to make a sound as she opened the door. She knew it would click shut behind her, so she pulled a nearby shoe into the door frame to keep the door from closing fully.

Her heart was racing as she made her way to the door leading to the stairs. She was listening closely to all the sounds around her and she glanced back at the door of the suite to make sure no one had followed her. She silently pulled the door to the staircase open, careful to make sure it didn't make any noise as she closed it behind her. She leaned over the bannister to ensure no one else was on the stairs before running as quickly as she could to the main floor.

Rather than going through the door to the lobby, she opened the emergency exit leading out to the alley behind the hotel. The second she'd pushed the door open, an alarm began to screech throughout the entire building, alerting the occupants of the hotel to a possible fire.

She panicked and took off running through the empty alley. She ducked around a corner to keep anyone at the hotel from seeing her leave and she continued to race away from the hotel, past people on the streets. She didn't dare stop running for fear of someone grabbing her. She slipped into another empty alley, away from the cars and people that filled the busy main roads. She hid behind a dumpster, stopping to catch her breath through the pain in her ribs.

She didn't know where to go. There seemed to be people everywhere, all of which she assumed were just like Otis. She needed to find somewhere to hide or a place where there were no people and no threat of getting caught. She walked cautiously to the opposite end of the alley, waited for a break in traffic, and raced across the street to the next alley, doing the same thing the next block over and the next, avoiding people as much as she could and getting further away from the hotel.


Victoria looked up from her catalogue and peered into the hallway, expecting to see Melanie. They didn't want to rush her, but she'd also been gone quite a while. Victoria slipped off of the bed, getting the attention of the other girls as she disappeared into the hallway. She tapped lightly on the washroom door, listening closely for any sign up movement before attempting the doorknob. The door was unlocked and the light within the washroom was off.

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