12 - Day Six

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AJ, Howie, Nick, Emma, Geri, and Mel were sitting quietly in AJ's hospital room watching the news anchors on one of the local news channels discussing the disappearance of Melanie and Brian as well as the recent recovery of AJ. They showed images of fans standing outside of the hospital holding posters and hand-made signs wishing AJ well and prayers for the two who were still missing. They flashed to clips of the two bands performing together on their recent tour, pictures taken from the crash, and videos of search and rescue teams disappearing into the woods.

The reporter appeared back on screen beside a photo of Melanie and a photo of Brian and told the viewers that the two of them were still missing while requesting viewers to call in if they had any information on the whereabouts of either of them.

Geri looked over at Emma, who had her eyes locked on the image of Melanie on the TV. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and hugged her arms around herself. Geri pulled a chair up next to her, sat down, and wrapped her arms around her as Emma broke into a fit of sobs.

"Maybe we should watch something else," Howie suggested, reaching for the remote.

"No, wait!" Mel exclaimed as a 'Special Report' interrupted the regular newscast. The image on the screen showed a helicopter landing on the top of the helicopter with a caption reading "second helicopter arrives at hospital".

"We have confirmation that another helicopter has landed at County General hospital just now. We have yet to hear if they have located and rescued Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys and Melanie Chisholm, better known as Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls. We will inform you of any and all news as it happens."

The shot on the screen changed to an in-air camera from the news station's own helicopter of the top of the building. It was difficult to make out faces, but two paramedics could be seen helping a man out of the helicopter and into the hospital. The man was limping and his clothes were torn.

"We cannot confirm who has arrived at County General, but we have a strong belief that Brian Littrell of the Backstreet boys was just escorted out of the helicopter." The camera zoomed in, but only caught Brian's back as he and the paramedics disappeared into the hospital from the rooftop. "Stay tuned for further updates."

"Was that Brian?" Geri asked, looking back at Kevin. "What was he wearing?" Kevin shrugged and scrutinized the screen, trying to get a better look as the news station replayed the clip of Brian's arrival.

"What about Melanie?" Mel asked. "Did anyone see her?" She leapt out of her chair and raced out of the room with Nick and Kevin in tow. Geri squeezed Emma tighter as Emma watched Mel disappear out of the room. She had a hopeful expression on her face and Geri worried what the disappointment would do to her if Melanie still hadn't been found.

Mel ran through the hospital corridor and went straight to the nurses' desk. A few people noticed her, instantly recognizing her face, but she was too determined to find out who had arrived to notice.

"Did they find them?" Mel asked, gripping the side of the desk. "Was that Brian they just brought in? Was Melanie with him? Is she coming in a separate helicopter?"

"I just got the call," the nurse replied. "They found Brian not far from where they found AJ. He's just arrived and they've taken him to treat his injuries. He wasn't in very bad shape and they'll bring him to the room across the hall from AJ as soon as he's had a chance to clean up. It shouldn't be more than thirty minutes."

"And Melanie?" Mel asked expectantly.

"They didn't mention anything," the nurse replied. "Let me call upstairs and find out." She picked up the phone out of its cradle and dialled the number. She waited for a few seconds before greeting an answer and asking about Melanie. She returned the phone to the cradle and looked back at Mel regretfully.

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