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Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat
 (25 December 1918 - 6 October 1981)

The third president of Egypt  (1970-1981)

Sadat was a man who believed in the power of peace in a region whose leaders rejected the idea of making peace with the enemy. After the October war, 1973  (Yom Kippur war) and regaining the Egyptian land of Sinai from the Israelis, he risked isolating Egypt, and being shunned by most of the Arab countries, in order to seek peace with Israel.

He was the first Egyptian president to visit Israel and the USA to prove his sincere intention of creating a just and lasting peace for everyone in this heated part of the world.

According to those who had the chance of meeting with him, he was a charismatic, visionary character, who had insightful views and a charming attitude. He was friendly with everyone, even those who were considered enemies, and he created close relations with them on a personal level.

People back then were so accustomed to the culture of war and conflict that they thought it was the only way to restore their rights. Many regarded him as a traitor who sold out to the enemy, when in truth, he was saving the future of their children and grandchildren from the fear and loss they had encountered all their lives because of war.

The peace treaty with Israel was the main reason he was given the Nobel Peace Prize and also the reason he had lost his life.

Sadat was asked this question in an interview: “What do you want people to write about you when you die?”

He sighed and then answered: “I would like them to write on my tomb 'He has lived for peace, and he has died for principles’.”

As if it were a premonition, the man of war and peace was assassinated by radical islamists, because of the peace treaty he held with Israel to save the whole region from the horridness of wars.

Only now as we speak, people started to grasp his progressive ideals. Now as war had been slashing the body of Earth, we crave peace lovers, peacemakers, and peacefulness more than ever.

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