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I'm absolutely insane.

I don't even know what I'm doing. This "plan" I have isn't even a plan. It's a mission that'll only be based on pure luck and wit.

Find and reunite the Bangtang Boys?

Who am I kidding? The boys could be anywhere. Some of them could be in a completely different country for all I know.

In the old reality, BigHit Entertainment, the music company that BTS was under, gathered the members over a couple years and trained them together, building the group that had become so successful. How am I, a single seventeen-year old girl, supposed to even get two of the former members together?

My only hope is that the chemistry that existed between the boys in the other reality still exists in this reality. And that the boys are as kind as they appeared on television. Because otherwise I am absolutely screwed.

I stop in front of the massive Seoul National University: the Department of Engineering campus. It's cold out. Frost covers the ground and my breaths come out in little puffs of white. There isn't too many people around, since it's Sunday. I shoud've known school wouldn't be on. I just had been so eager to find Namjoon- the leader of Bangtan Boys. It seemed like a good place to start. But it's obvious he isn't going to be here.

Dejected, I trudge back to my car. The moment I get in and turn the jingling keys in the ignition, I crank up the heater and begin driving away; back home. Mom had been worried about me going about driving around if I wasn't feeling well, but I had insisted it was important.

On my way back to the house, I see the Seoul Metropolitan Library. A sense of nostalgia hits me as I remember coming here with my parents when I was little, as well when Yun-ji and I came here to find good sources for a research project for history in eigth grade. I can't help but park my car in a nearby parking lot and get out. I walk over to the massive library, unable to resist going to a place where Yun-ji and I once hung out together. Yun-ji and I had gotten lost when we first came to this library. It was a huge place.

People mill around. Looking at books, doing research, or just sitting listening to music. I miss listening to BTS songs. Especially "Best of Me", "DNA", and "Fire." My phone no longer has all the playlists, nor did any search engine have BTS songs. 

Since they never existed.

I find myself wandering to the upstairs of the library, into a quieter wing of the library. I remember this was where Yun-ji and I had run to when we were trying to find our way around. We finally had a librarian approach us and ask us if we were lost. I guess it was pretty obvious back then.

I sigh softly, feeling a little happy for the first time in what feels like forever. My muscles that have been tense all day and all of yesterday, has finally begun to relax a bit and I roll my shoulders a little to loosen them.

That's when I turn the corner of a bookshelf and my happiness is drained and shock freezes me in place.

I stare at a young man in the corner of the bookshelves. Quietly reading what looks like a comic book. His black hair seems to cover his face slightly, but I recognize the jaw line and nose.

It's Jungkook.

My first instinct is to squeal and giggle, call out his name and wave and perhaps even ask for his autograph or better yet a picture. But then I remember that BTS never existed. Which means this Jungkook...is not a Bangtan Boy. He probably never met all his hyungs, had never been called the golden maknae, or anything. Nevertheless, I feel my palms beginning to sweat at the prospect of what I have to do next.

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