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Rule Number Eight: Don't follow a conversation about someone else's penis.

I zoned out at the food that decorated my mothers favourite plate. My stomach couldn't be bothered by the large array of food that she had prepared for me. I settled on one item that I now pushed around on the ceramic.

"I'm so happy that you're around Harry, we spent so many nights worrying about you. And now here you are" she commented for the hundredth time since I had come back.

"And here I am" I hummed staring down at the plate. When I had spent my days running around the world, I would take the time to phone her from a pay phone or a hotel line. The calls were short and simple, a call just to let her know that I was okay.

I usually never had a phone of mine own for the fear of someone tracing my one true love.

The day had been long, I was grateful that the weekend was nowhere. It had been spent with my brother in the small confines of our open space office. It wasn't that he was overtly annoying, his pure existence and the way that he had the power to make everything go his way annoyed me. Was perfect the best word to describe him? I wasn't sure, but even if it was I don't think I would admit it

I had made a promise laced with a desperation that I would take Ana to a party tonight. The plan was that she would drink too much, that her morals would fall off along with her clothes. A small part of me wanted to show her a good time apart from her stuffy reality. And another small part wanted the satisfaction of her hanging out with me instead of my brother.

Tom was probably hauled out somewhere changing the world, while I had supper with my overbearing parents. I loved them, but I couldn't help but wait for the other shoe to drop

"So, when can we expect a nice young lady from you?" and there it was the proverbial shoe. It had dropped so loudly that it would echo for days.

"I don't know mum, I don't know if marriage is in the cards for me" I pushed the food on my plate a little too hard causing a screech amongst us. My father who was immersed in his own world snapped his gaze to me.

"Of course it is Harry, you're a good-looking boy and I'm not just saying that because you're mine" her hand grasped my forearm. I wasn't exactly prime real estate anymore, considering that I had a criminal record and a track record a mile long.

The fact might have bothered me if I hadn't decided long ago that I wasn't sure what I wanted. The rest of supper came and went, prying myself out of my mother's arms I left down the hall.

My father seemed complacent, happy that I had been making the most out of my job. Happier than I promised to no longer give him any more trouble. I drove through the city closer to Ana's house. Soon I stopped outside of the high rise with the large windows, dialling her number I waited expecting her voicemail to answer.

"Hello" a groggy voice answered the phone. Biting the corner of my lip I tried not to smile, she had just woken up. Wonder-filled my mind as to why she was sleeping at eight thirty at night.

"Are you sleeping?" I teased clutching the phone close to my ear.

"Taking a power nap, if you must know" it was such a neurotic Ana thing to do, she craved structure and it was obvious she found herself lost without it. In a way it reminded me of Tom, it would be the strong point in their relationship.

Sighing I turned off the car, "Come down".

Her shuffling was heard on the other side of the line. I looked up towards the tall building trying to catch a glimpse of her light turning off. Wondering if I'd ever be blessed with her annoyingly perfect presence.

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