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And that was Syberian Sunrise.

This idea is actually one of my oldest, older even than Necropolis. I think I got the original seed after watching a flash animation on Newgrounds of like a military black ops team investigating a top secret research facility that had gone into lockdown, and there were monsters. I've never actually been able to find it again.

Enzo Rains was technically the first. I had this idea even before Ceaseless.

Obviously, it went through a lot of transitions before arriving at what we ended up with.

When I I actually started planning Syberian Sunrise, I knew I wanted a different kind of protagonist. Someone closer to an anti-hero. He was partially inspired by Dr. House, as, if you don't know already, that's probably my favorite live action show and I've watched the whole thing several times. I've even got a replica of his flame cane.

Now, as for why his shoulder hurts, that actually comes from a personal experience. Starting in 2008, roughly every year and a half or so, with no warning, my shoulder will start to hurt. Typically before I go to bed. When I wake up, I'd be in agony. It's some of the worst pain I've ever felt. There's no way to tell what brings it on, no warning signs, nothing. I can't even be sure if it's the same shoulder each time.

Normally, I'm able to throw down some painkillers and fall back asleep, and when I wake up, it's gone. But one time, that wasn't the case. I had to take my wife to class on the day that it happened, so I never got back to sleep. And the pain persisted.

I thought I would be driven insane by it.

I took probably too many painkillers that day, but they didn't really help all that much. Eventually, it did go away.

Thankfully, it doesn't happen anymore.

But it left me with the idea of being stuck with that pain. Like, constantly. What that would do to a person. And decided I wanted to put that into a character. So Enzo happened. I wanted someone who wasn't as friendly and who would be a difficulty. Everyone can't get along all the time or it gets a little boring.

Overall, I think this turned out okay. And I really liked being able to write the ending. Having characters from one novel meet up with characters from another novel is one of those things that's so cool to do. It's a little bit like a crossover, and I love crossovers.

Hopefully you had fun reading it, and hopefully you're excited for the next one. Snowblind features all of the protagonist coming together and kicking ass!

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