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"So you won't sleep with me?" Enzo asked.

"No! Goddamnit, how many times do I have to say it?!" Eve snapped.

Enzo sighed and sat back in the chair on the bridge. They'd been in transit for two hours now. He'd gone to take a nap in the Captain's Quarters at the back of the ship, which looked like it was a transit module meant to move small groups of people long distances rather quickly. He'd just awoken and come back to the bridge.

"Will you tell me why, at least?" Enzo was genuinely confused. Everything about their encounters so far said that she'd be completely willing to sleep with him. They were both emotionally and physically exhausted, they'd both just survived two dozen near-death encounters, they were both attractive, consenting adults...

Finally, Eve turned away from the console. "You know why, Enzo? It's because I fucking hate you," she said.

Enzo frowned, considering this. "Then we could have hate sex," he said after a moment, shrugging easily.

Eve sighed explosively. "This is exactly why I hate you! From the moment we met you just assumed we were going to sleep together!"

"Well...to be totally fair, that's usually how it goes."

"You're an arrogant fucking asshole and I do not lay assholes, believe it or not. There's enough stupid sluts out there giving assholes like you what they want, I'm not going to contribute to it. You don't deserve sex because you fucking expect it!"

Enzo opened his mouth, but something chimed. "Shit. Shut up, something's happening," Eve said, turning away from him.

He had to admit, this wasn't the way he'd expected this to go.

"There's a ship," Eve murmured, "ahead of us. They're sending out a distress call."

"Who cares? Keep going. Wait, if I agreed to stop, would that help my case for you having sex with me?" Enzo asked.

Eve turned to stare at him for a moment, deadly silent, then she turned back and hit something on the control pad. The ship was dropped out of hyperspace.

"They're really out in the middle of nowhere," Eve murmured, more to herself than him, Enzo imagined. "They have a malfunctioning FTL drive, it seems...I'm only showing two life signatures onboard. Okay, bringing them up on comms now."

"Hello?" someone asked over the radio. "Can you help us?"

"Yes...well, maybe. We've just come from a bit of a bad situation. Who are you? What are you doing out here?" Eve asked.

"My name's Greg Bishop and...it's a long story."

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