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After driving for what felt like hours in Colby's mind they finally got to the apartment. In reality, Colby would rather sit in the car blurting lines to the lyrics of the songs on the radio with Sam as they traveled through the streets of LA than do anything else the boy had planned. He hadn't realized quite how much he missed the dynamic between them. Every movement was complimentary to each other's, they knew the other's thoughts before they were spoken, everything was perfect for a second. But Sam had plans for the two of them and wouldn't utter a word of what it was despite Colby's begging. He still wasn't quite sure what Sam had got him into until he saw Brennan, beer in hand, dancing on a balcony about a hundred feet above them. Sam yelled his name and waved excitedly for him to come down and greet them.

"You took me to a party?" Colby said, shocked. He was standing still outside the car door, unsure of what to do with the scene in front of him. There were people sitting on the curb smoking weed and cigarettes with empty bottles strewn around them. People wore outfits from straight up pajamas to mini skirts and tight shirts but most everyone in a medium jeans and a t-shirt. The only common thing to be seen within the crowd was how drunk they all were. A smile erupted on Sam's face at the slightly horrified look on Colby's. Sam was never the party goer of the two, always being dragged along to the odd party or two. So it was strange for Colby being the one put in a car with no information and being shipped off to a house party. Colby continued confused, "Like, with alcohol?"

The amount of incredulity in Colby's voice was hilarious to Sam, who laughed, "Come on, don't be a pussy, it will be like Joey's parties from high school!"

Colby hadn't been to a proper party since they got out to LA. Of course, he had gone to someone's house and had a few drinks, but not a proper, "I don't know whose house this is but someone's getting a blowjob in the bathroom" party, a "the neighbors called the cops, quick find some pants and run" party. That was the kind of thing he used to live for in high school, the high of sneaking across town mixed with the high of being, well, high. 

"Jesus" he whispered before getting out of the car to start walking into the apartment. Immediately he was more bombarded with the stench of weed, sweat, and vodka. The smell transported Colby back to high school, back to the first time Colby had kiss a boy, during a game of spin-the-bottle in someone's basement. He still remembered it, Joshua Cheng, who rolled on the floor because of how gross it was to kiss a boy after while Colby pretended he hated it too. God, he was so gay. The wide smile on Sam's face was worth the bad memories though, his face lit up at the amount of people like a little kid's would at a carnival. Bracing himself for the night, Colby rolled his shoulders and followed a step behind Sam.

Brennen approached the two boys the second they got to the door, drinks in his hand, which were an odd concoction of several different alcohols. Sam's nose scrunched up at the nastiness of the scent but he shot Colby a look and downed half of the drink anyways. This night was about Colby so he was going to have fun even if it wasn't how he was used to. The brunette smiled back and did the same, earning the two of them sounds of appreciation from Brennen. As they were led into the house and introduced to various girls Brennen knew and thought they might be interested in, the smell of weed grew stronger along with the fainter smell of vomit. This was going to be a long night, and an even longer hangover and headache that Sam and Colby could look forward to in the morning.

Sam and Colby were standing at a table in the middle of a room, Colby blowing out a small puff of smoke from someones vape. Sam shot him a look of disapproval for taking it from someone either of them knew but he ignored it and breathed in deeply. Besides, they had more pressing matters at hand. Somehow the two boys had gotten themselves involved in a shot competition courtesy of Brennen who had gotten bored of the milling about the other two had been doing. For each competitor there were 5 shots of blueberry vodka - which, to be fair, was the least disgusting out of the drinks available. Both of them were already pretty tipsy from whatever Brennan had given them when they had come in and had agreed to participate with a little bit of pressuring. It seemed like a fun idea despite Brennan's yell of "LOSERS PLAY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!"

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