Calm The Fire: 47

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“He's mad. Absolutely mad,” Náriel muttered while everyone got ushered out of their hiding place behind a cluster of outcropped boulders. They stuck up from the wiry grass like jagged teeth. They made very good hiding places. Though trying to climb over some for the sake of escaping was not so good. Her earlier words were no doubt about Radagast who shouted over his shoulder, easily goading the Wargs and their riders.

Skidding suddenly to a halt the whole group watched as Radagast speeded past on his sled, with a pack of howling Wargs on his tail. “Stay together,” Gandalf said sternly to them all. The last thing they all needed was for everyone to split up.

“Move,” Thorin said while turning and ushering everyone to do the same. No matter in which direction they ran, they seemed to always manage to almost cross paths with Radagast and the pack. Reaching out Thorin pulled Ori back as he was going to continue running onwards.

“Come on, come on! Quick,” Gandalf waved a hand at them to urge everyone on again.

Frowning Thorin looked up at him. “Where are you leading us?” He asked lowly as everyone passed him on the slow descent down the small hill they were currently hiding on.

Gandalf didn't reply but instead looked up at the large sparse surroundings they found themselves running along. There were plenty of places to duck behind and hide. But they couldn't keep doing that. All of them heard the approaching howl before they saw the creature itself. Hunkering down and leaning against a large grey stone covered in moss, all of them stood stock still. The quiet padding of four feet could be hard above them.

Thorin simply looked over his shoulder to Kíli, he got the hint and quietly reached up to pull an arrow from his quiver. Pulling the string of his bow he stepped forwards and sharply turned, all the while readying his aim and letting the arrow fly. It hit its target, which let out a pained noise and fell from the rock above them. From then on it was a group effort to fully deal with both rider and steed. But all the while, the noises of pain echoed suddenly in the open land. The squealing of the Orc was the last noise to echo up into the air.

It was silent then. The howling chase had stopped, Gandalf was the first to turn and see the danger which was slowly approaching them all. The Orcs had directed their Wargs in another direction. More specifically in their direction, they were heading for them.

“Move! Run!” He said while pushing some Dwarves to start them up running. Others didn't need the encouragement and ran. The few trees which had sprouted up amongst the jagged rocks proved of little use, though they could weave in and out of them.

Glóin pointed ahead of them as they all ran past small hills. “There they are!” Sure enough the dark furred creatures could be seen flitting quickly amongst the fair coloured grass.

“This way, quickly!” Gandalf urged.

“There's some more coming!” Kíli exclaimed while looking from the surrounding company to the oncoming enemies.

“Kíli! Shoot them!” Thorin shouted the order.

“Shoot the one being ridden, not the rider. If you shoot the rider, the Warg will still come after you. But if you shoot the Warg, it'd take a little longer for the rider to reach you. Also, need help?”

“Do you always talk so much at really unconventional times?” Kíli asked while briefly shooting a look to Náriel, she seemed to muse over his question. She didn't exactly answer as she took up shooting along side him.

“I count three.” She smiled at him though it wasn't a happy smile.

“One.” Kíli mumbled.

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