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"a place used for hiding in or as a retreat from other people"

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Hey everyone! This story; 'Hideaway' is a sequel to my other Mike Wheeler book 'Runaway' so please read Runaway if you have not already! This is a Stranger Things fanfiction and I'm no so sure if I'm prepared to write this or not, considering this will be way more dramatic.

Obviously this will be a Mike Wheeler story. I mean, guys, the title says it all! And also, I do not own any of the characters except for Claudia Parker! The rest are all claimed by the Duffer Brothers!

p o i n t s

ONE | I update whatever days I'm not busy, mostly the weekends. I'm still in school guys.

TWO | This will be a short story with a lot of dialogue since it is mostly phone calling...or as I like to put it for this story; WALKIE TALKIE CALLINGGG (because the iPhone 8 was not made then guys!)

THREE | Yes, this is a Mike Wheeler story. It's a story that includes young teenagers! Meaning, no smut will be included in this! (Not like I've written smut for any of my stories) That is just utterly disgusting! I still don't understand why people are sexualising these smol beans!

FOUR | This story is set in season 2 of Stranger Things and will be following the storyline! Sometimes I won't!

FIVE | italics = Claudia, bold = Mike

SIX | I won't be doing much walkie talkie with this sequel but idk

s y n o p s i s

"Eleven? Claudia? Anyone, answer me!"





"...Mike. Over."

"Claudia! Oh thank goodness you picked up! Where are you? Over."


"Claudia, you better tell me right now where you and El are! Over."

"Hey! Don't go all bossy at me, I've been gone for three years now! That's three years of freedom! Over."

"Yeah, that's also three years of never seeing me. Over."

"...You got me there. Over."

"What I'm trying to say is that I want you back, Clauds. More than anything. But if you're not going to tell me anything, then I guess I'll have to find you myself. If it means taking risks. Over."

"Mike, shut up I'm fine. And don't even bother trying to find me. I'm a runaway, I run and I hide. Hence, me now being a hideaway. Over."


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