Chapter 20

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Rachel POV

I walk out of the classroom making myself look presentable. I clock Santana and immediately don't want to speak to her because if all the comments she will make.

I decide to walk over to her anyway. She was fixing her makeup at her locker.

She sees me and smirks

"Too busy having a quick fuck against his desk?" She asked not looking away from her mirror in her hand

I was shocked at her words but come on it's Santana Lopez, the bitchy girl who doesn't give a fuck. Everybody judges her because of her attitude...

"Shut up" I say

Santana walks towards his classroom door

"Santana what are you doing?" I ask at her stupidness

She knocks on his door again making him look up from his computer

"Are you missing history that much?" He laughs and motioned for her to come in with me shortly following after just to see what shit she hits out with

"Mr Hudson, do you have a napkin?" She asks

Finn looks at her as tho she is speaking a different language

"Because I think your making Rachel wet" she finishes her sentence

Me and Finn sit there wide eyed. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment. I elbowed her side to make her say "ouch!"

"I'll see you guys whenever" he says trying to keep in his embarrassment. He was going purple with pure embarrassment

Suddenly a girl popped up at the door grabbing all 3 of ours attention. I had no clue who she was at all. She was very pretty I'll give her that.

"Hey mr Hudson" She says in a tone that I'd known too long, sexy. She was using a submissive tone.

I'm not the jealous type but the way she was acting was really inappropriate. Was he one of his students? Well she called him "mr Hudson" so I take it to be that she is.

He smiled and allowed her to come into the classroom. Santana shot me a look and I did the same to her.

"Who are these two?" She asked in a bitter tone looking me and Santana up and down and then doing a puking motion.

Santana was about to explode and so was I, who was this bitch to come in here and start making comments. She should take a good look at herself the Bitch.

Santana looked at finn, it was a death glare pretty much saying 'if you don't say something I will, I'll do more than just talk to her'

"That's enough" finn coughed at the girl

"Well I'm just telling the truth, look at them both" she says laughing

Santana blew her top


I think me and Finn went deaf, finn wiped his hand over his face not knowing really what to do.

"I think you two should go" he says softly not wanting Santana to go all Lima heights on him.

I was pissed that he asked me and Santana to leave. Santana shot him a look, not a death glare.... even worse it was an 'already dead' glare

The girl just smiled as we were pretty much defeated by him asking us to leave. As we were almost out  of the door she said to finn "you look really sexy in that shirt, I bet you look even better with it off" she said as she put her hands on his shoulders

I wanted to say something but nobody's supposed to know about us. It killed me .to see her doing that knowing that I couldn't do anything about it whatsoever.

"Mr Hudson?" Santana said as we exited

He looked up

"Just to let you know I'm gonna Smack you and her with a keyboard from the ICT corridor. Just wanted to give you a warning" she said and we left leaving him with a guilty look on his face. Whereas her, she was just laughing

We went to maths extremely late, we just decided to patch that period giving the circumstances. We just hanged about the corridors talking about me Hudson and that other bitch

"I'm serious" Santana started

"I'm gonna slap them both with a keyboard from ICT" she finishes making me laugh at her last statement

"Not worth the breakage of an innocent keyboard" I say shrugging

"Your right but I'm pissed so we need to start planning a funeral for it" Santana said drinking some water

"Shit" I say checking my pockets

"What?"'Santana asked as she watched me check my pockets over and over again

"I've left my phone in history, but I don't want to go back incase he thinks I'm desperate for his attention" I sigh

"I'll go back if you want, as you may know I don't give a fuck" Santana says motioning For us to go and get it. It's my phone I really do need it.

We walk to his shitty room once again but stop in our tracks as we heard noises coming from there.

Santana put her ear up to the door to hear better.

It went on for about 10 minutes before Santana moved

I could see the rage burning in Santana's eyes. She slowly puts her hand over the door handle and barges through the door.

Finn looks up once again from his computer wondering what the huge entrance was for

"May I help you? Again" he says

I'm standing at the edge of the doorframe

"Rach left her phone" she says looking for it

The girl lifted up a phone and said "is it this?"

"Yes"Santana says grabbing it

"Rachel... by the way nice photos of Finns manhood...pitty I've already had my fair share about 10 minutes ago" she says looking at finn

Finn rolled his eyes

I couldn't say anything

"How did you know they were Finns?" Santana asked

"Please. I know what Finns looks like" she says

"Your stepping on thin ice you bitch" Santana says pointing her face

"And that goes for you aswell Hudson" she looks over at finn who looks as if he's had enough

"May I speak to you two outside please" he says trying to keep it professional

"With fucking pleasure" I say as Santana comes out aswell leaving the girl in the classroom

I've had enough

Let's see what he has to Say since he's been saying nothing

Hello! What do you think he will say? Do you think him and the girl had sex?Comment what you think please! It help me out! Love you all 💖❤️💝💕

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