Raph x insomniac reader

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(e/c) eye color

(h/c) hair color

(h/l) hair langth

(f/c) faverit color

(y/n/n) your nike name (like how my oc's name is actuwaly Elizzabetata but everyone calles her Lizzy exeped for raph he calles her Lizz)


(y/n)' s P.O.V

i was up in my room staring at my laptop onec agen for the 10th time in 2 weeks i have an essay due tomorrow 'stupid essay stupid teachers stupid casey stupid ra- wait what am i thinking raphs so fricken hot hes not stupid' "shit i typed that frick!" 'what time is it? 10:30 i got an hr till ill go to bed' as i kept speed typing and atocorecting i hered a loud nocking on my windo "it's opend!" i shouted as i kep pushing keys "hey sorry if i woke ya u-up... (Y/n) whay are you doing? shouldent you be in bed so you can prassent that essay?" he asked as he looked over my sholder " you havent finnished it yet!" he said loud enof for the howl world to here wel maby thats an exzageration but right by my erea " no i havent can you just ugh stop being so distracting!" i shouted " so im a distraction!" he said like a perv "ugh just shut up!" i screamed as i hit him with a pillow

Raph's P.O.V

i wached her type untill she finished the sentens then took her laptop and saved it and powered it down "hey give it back!!!" she wiend "(Y/n) ya need to get some sleep its 10:45 and ya'r hair is a mess 'hey im not lying thos (h/l) (h/c) lockes are all knoted and curly!' "no i *yawn* need to finish *yawn* it!" she said as she yawnd lowder "please get some sleep, i hate seeing ya like this" i said as i pushed her down on the bed "but *yawn* Raph i *yawn* need to *yawn* finnish it." she said "no is not an anser (y/n) wether  ya like it or not ya'r going to go to sleep" i said as i covered her with her (f/c) blankets "but." she started "no (y/n) ill send this to lizz and shell finish it" i said as i sent it to Lizz (Lizz is my lizzered OC) "bu-" "no (y/n) ya need to sleep please!" i beged and every on know's i dont begg "fine *yawn*" she said "good." i said as i laid down nexto her "what are you-" "im making shur ya dont try working anymore." i said as she started to fall asleep "night... Raphi love you.." she said just as her (e/y) eyes closed for the night "night (y/n/n) love ya too" i said as i fell asleep my self


hey Love's how have you been? im still sick and my sneezez brout coffs yeah... well my couch said that if it getts wors i will be put on the bench with my cout insted of my gear *sigh* well this is based of of something thats realy happaning i have an essay that is due tomarow and i have been working on it for too weeks with my 8 hr's of sleep streched uin 2 weeks and i still have 2 paiges to right in size 10 font ugh curse you Mr.Becondi im in 8th grade and they give me an essay that i have to finnish in 2 weeks and they said i can only do it on my free time and it hase to be atleast 35 paiges!!!!! my school sucks!!! thanx for lisining to this rant!

By Love's~ Marcellus (yes sadly that is my full name and no im not a boy im named after my uncle thoug!

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