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I didn't realize how many people were waiting for the sequel! Thank you for reading!



The [Hair Color] girl clung to Hanamiya's arm as they left the restaurant. Their date was long overdue, and it was nice to go out without their daughter.

"We should do this more often," she said, smiling at his scowl.

"That means leaving those imbeciles with Mikasa more often."

[Last Name] giggled. "Aw, does little Mako-chan worry about his child?"

"Cut it out, [First Name]," he said, his cheeks turning red.

"There's nothing wrong with worrying about Mikasa," she said, her grip on him tightening, "but I assure you she will be okay. And Kojiro-kun is with them."

In terms of reliability, [Last Name] and Hanamiya have a list. Furuhashi is first on this list, because of how attentive he is as a person. He's also good with Mikasa's tantrums and can calm her down pretty easily. He also keeps the other boys in check.

Next would be Yamazaki. Whether or not he's afraid of Hanamiya's wrath if something happened to Mikasa, no one knows, but he always has an eye on her. And surprisingly, he's really good with her. He can't handle her tantrums, but he's an expert when it comes to making her laugh when she's crying.

Hara isn't all that reliable. Seto would be more reliable, but [Last Name] is afraid he'll fall asleep and Mikasa will get into things she's not supposed to, or get hurt. Hara is more of an instigator than anything, so they try to avoid Hara babysitting by himself.

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