"Niro Namikaze"

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Name: Niro Namikaze
Age: 16
Gender: Doesn't care

Relatives: Minato Namikaze (cousin), rest of her family is missing.

Likes: Learning, making friends, cooking, taking care of his cat (Yagami) and Naruto as her little brother.

Dislikes: Spicy food, going against her comrades and perverts

Chakra natures: Water, Fire, air and lightning

Special weapons of choice: basic ninja tools, lighting staff, three pronged kunai and a sword

History: she was living with her family till the age of five. Since then her parents have been missing. Niro moved to The village hidden in the leaves to live with his cousin, Minato. she joined the academy at the age of seven and graduated two years after. During her early years Niro met people like: Itachi, Kushina, Jiraya, Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, Kurenai and many more.
About a year later when she was just about to turn ten and become an aunt to her cousin's child the nine tailed fox attacked. Niro witnessed the death of Kushina and Minato and promised them to take care of Naruto from the shadows.
As Niro grew up she made sure that Naruto got enough food and that the villagers wouldn't use physical force on Naruto. She also continued her training and was finally promoted Jōnin five months after. After that she left along with Jiraya to her journey. Now three years after she returns to Konohagakure with Jiraya as the Chūnin exams are just around the corner.

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