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"Ouch cousin " Ely replied with a smirk . He didn't even move from his chair , but the guards moved closer to him .

" lets get this over with shall we" I said and took the seat opposite of him on the other end of the table , Dad sat on my right and Ezra on his .

" I agree , what do you want Ely" Dad said with a harsh but calm voice .

" you know exactly what I want uncle" Ely shot back not taking his eyes of me " I want her" .

What .

" mother fucker say what ? " I said

" you heard me Rosalie I want you to be mine"

" sorry ugly shes taken " Ezra said fir the first time thats when I looked at him to see that his fists are already balled and his face was like stone but his eyes showed anger and irritation, that made me grin .

" oh really and who is she taken by?" Ely asked now shifting his gaze to Ezra .

" me "

" you?!"

" yes me, do you have a problem?"

" oh yes I do "

" that's enough both of you . And Ely your not getting my daughter ever . As long as I'm alive you will not even touch a strand of her hair "

" well that can be dealt with UNCLE "
Ely whispered but said the word uncle loudly.

" listen COUSIN I hate you for what you did . And I know that you wanting me is just an excuse for you to get what you REALLY want and we both know what it is " I said slamming my fist on the table causing it to shake .

" oh yeah ?! And what is it that I want so badly?"

" power"

Ely burst out laughing leaning back in his seat making my blood boil .

Why can't we just kill him right here.

" you may be right Rosalie I do want power and I want it with you " Ely said after he stopped laughing " and I always get what I want"

Just when I wanted to speak back a man with a black suit entered the room and came up to Ezra and whispered to him in his ears, and Ezra smirked and glanced at Ely who now looked almost afraid.

" well dear Ely it seems my men caught 16 of your men trying to get to this floor to .. well kill us "

What ?

I looked at Ely shocked but then again I didn't expect something less from this ass wipe .

" but don't worry we took care of them, they will be buried tomorrow hopefully " Ezra continued and I chuckled .

" lets be clear here Ely, you are not getting anything from me and you certainly will not having my daughter " my dad said with a stern voice that ended the whole conversation.

" you will regret this uncle " Ely said getting up from his chair and headed to the door .

" oh believe me I won't "

Two hours later

I was laying on Ezras lap watching lion king in his room, he made some popcorn that I devoured instantly.

" I love you " I said putting my arms around his neck and pulled him for a hug .

We stayed silent for sometime and he was the one who broke that silence that terrified me and said " you know I will never let you go right ?"

" yes "

" I will rip his body apart if he touched you , I will rip the whole world just for you " he whispered into my ear putting me at ease and making me giggle.

I pulled away and kissed him passionately and he warped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer deepening the kiss and sliding his hands under the hoodie I had on and traveled up .
I gasped, and he took this opportunity and slid his tongue into my mouth exploring it like it wad his first time.
I moaned and slid my fingers into his thick hair and pulled and he growled into my mouth making me mentally smile.

" we.. huh .. we should watch the-" I was cut off by his mouth crashing into mine again.

" can we ?" He asked after a while .

" yes " I whispered back .

He grinned and pushed me down on the bed so he was now on top of me, he was breathing heavily as he lowered his self and started to kiss my neck going  down then stopped to take his shirt off and I sighed as I saw his flawless body and he grinned and pulled my jeans off and traced my legs and paused when he reached my inner thighs and looked up at me, and I saw a something shine in his eyes that was filled with love and lust .

" am I your first ?" He asked and I heated up my face now turned into pure red .

" yes " I whispered.

Ezra smiled with relief and said " well the Ill go easy on you my Queen " he whispered and we begun and ignited .

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