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Dan was the first of every one to wake up,he was excited for the day out they would have. As well as nervous,very nervous because an outing with his mom meant she may see him in little space,considering they though be going to build-A-Bear and other places. To relax he put the little mermaid on and grabbed a pacifier from his side drawer and put it his mouth sucking on it.

Cuddling next to his warm daddy and Goose at his feet Dan watched the movie until he and the small kitten got hungry. Turning to face the older boy Dan began poking him all over his body,Goose was of corse meowing in the background in a small attempt to wake the boy.
"Baby I'm awake you can stop poking now." Phil said making Dan giggles as he bopped his nose one more time before stoping.
"Goose and I are hungry daddyyy." The little said moving so he was on top o of Phi,who instinctively wrapped his arms around the boy.
"Ok I'll get up and make you food,then you have to get ready for the day so we can go out." He said rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stretching.
Jumping up Dan said a quick 'ok' and ran to the kitchen. Phil had decided to take the boy out and treat him some little thing as well as big.

When he finally left the confer of his bed and made his way to the kitchen Phil found both of his kitten of sitting on the floor. Dan was petting Goose and he purred happily. It was official,Phil's cat like his boyfriend more.

Laughing at the though he put a hand full of cat food in Gooses bowl and lifted his little on to a chair in the kitchen. After he began making the boy some French toast. It was cooked quickly and soon Dan was happily munching on French toast sticks.

The rest of the food was left for Martha as the boys left to get ready. Phil helped his boyfriend dress in overall shorts and a light sweat because it was chilly. Next he dressed him self in a maroon bottom down and black pants. Thy were ready for the but decided to wait for Martha.


It took Martha a full hour before she was ready to go "I have to look presentable for the fans and stuff." She explained as they walked out of the house 30 minutes after they were supposed to. 
When they all piled in to the car there was a comfortable silence until Dan managed to find the Disney song alone CD."Do you really want to listen to this?" Phil asked a smiling Dan who sat cheekily in the back seat.

"Yes I do,don't you think we should listen to it Mom?" Dan asked knowing his mom would say yes.

Kathryn though for a minute before nodding. "Well honey,anything is better than that, emo music I think it's called." She said looking out the window,not noticing her child's shocked face.

Laughing Phil took the CD in hopes of distracting the toddler in the back seat. When it was on the distraction worked and he was singing loudly and giggling. "Is this the little space?" Kathryn asked stealing glances at the two boys.
"Eh kind of,you'll see it more when we get to build-A-bear."Phil said holding back a laugh.
"It's cute," Kathryn said simply and was soon on her phone.

Shortly after the conversation they were pulling up to a large shopping mall. Dan was squealing about the new stuffie he wanted and what he would name. Phil quickly got out of the car and processed to get his little out as well. Dan tried to go torwds the mall but was pulled back by his daddy. "Danny stay near me." He instructed,only to see the boy stick his tongue out. "Be good or you won't be getting a new stuffie little one." Phil reminded him and the little complained slight but agreed to be good.

When Kathryn had everything and was ready to go in the mall they all walked in together and decided to stop in random stores weather than straight to build-A-Bear. While Dan did not like this they went to a game store so he didn't complain too much. 

Kathryn insisted they they go in to safora."Come in with me,it'll only take a minute." She persuaded them and they were soon in the store filled with make up. The two boys walked around looking at all of the different products. Kathryn had long sense disappeared and when they found her again she was chatting up a young boy that worked there.

They stood some what near her waiting until she was done. "See? I have fans,he going to follow my Instagram. I have a thousand followers by the way." She explained happily. Dan had known about the Instagram,and it was mainly pictures of cats and cute stuff. He wasn't sure how his mother had so many followers though.
After they made their way to the Build-A-Bear,the little ran it and went straight to the light up reindeer. The two adults followed after him. The store was rather empty aside from the 2 workers there were a few children and some adults. "Is this the one you want baby?" Phil asked once he was close enough.

The boy nodded and pointed to the display that held them. "You gotta get one too!" He said jumping slightly.

"And why is that?" The caregiver asked slightly amused. Though to please the little he did reach down to grab one.
"Because daddy's need stuffies too." Dan explained quietly as a peach blush spread over his face.
Cooing Pulled his little in to a hug and brought the boy over to have their animals stuffed. Kathryn stood behind them with a cat stuffed animal.

Dan did the routine to 'charge' the heart for both of them,then began having his stuffed with a sent added as well. As a better way to tell theirs apart Phil with with strawberries while Dan chose cotton candy.

Next they did clothing and made birth certificates. The little could not think of a name so of corse he named it 'Daddy' and Phil feeing cute named his 'little One'. Then the proses was finished the boys and Kathryn left the store going to get lunch.

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