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"You look scary, Uncle Hiro."

Yamazaki deadpanned at the little girl's statement, then looked back at his snickering ex teammates.

"You guys are real a—"

"Language," Furuhashi said, motioning to the child.

Yamazaki huffed, crossing his arms. Mikasa, named after her grandmother, was much like her father: she had no filter.

"Why am I even here?" he mumbled, plopping on the couch beside the girl.

Hara chuckled. "I believe you were the one who wanted to watch her the most."

As much as they hated to admit it, the boys always favored Mikasa since she was born. She did look, and act (unfortunately), like Hanamiya, but something about her made the boys want to protect her.

Hanamiya didn't like that, because that meant they were always over. [Last Name], however, did not mind since they always had reliable babysitters all the time. Although Seto usually just slept so they made sure someone else was there, too.

Mikasa looked between Yamazaki and Hara, who was sitting on the other side of her. "Uncle Kazu, is he okay?"

Hara smirked. "He's just being a big baby."


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