Chapter Fourteen

A week has passed since the encounter with Louis and his friend; I kept thinking whether Louis was going to contact me again. But nothing has happened, everyone is jumpy and the only time I'm allowed to be alone is the toilet and driving myself to school.

I was currently at my locker surprising I was alone the hallway was empty.

I didn't really want to go to my next lesson so I hung back. I know Stacy is in that class and she is probably freaking out right about now.

I huffed and turned to head towards Art, I frowned when I saw Ms Hart I glared as she stopped right in front of me.

“Arianne how nice to see you.” She stated I could tell her smile was fake.

“I can’t really say the same with you.” I said still glaring.

She immediately dropped the act a scowl taking over her face.

“Look I know what you are trying to do and it needs to stop now before someone gets hurt.” She said sharply.

“What are you talking about?” I said coldly.

“You know perfectly well you little bitch... Stop trying to steal my man he wouldn’t go near an ugly, fat child like you. You make me sick and you make him sick too just stay away from me and my boyfriend” she spat.

Hell I was confused I know she was talking about Elliot but I know she didn't know we were dating.


“Boyfriend?” I said out aloud.

“Yes boyfriend and stay away.”

I know I shouldn’t hate her she was my favourite teacher I told her about my sister when I had no one to turn to, but ever since I thought her and Elliot were dating I hated her and now I hate her even more.

“I'm not after him he’s my teacher for Christ sake and the only reason I get only with him is because his brother is my best friend. God you really have turned into a little bitch haven’t you.” I said anger at boiling point.

“You’re a little bitch... God it should have been you that got murdered not your sister. They left the runt of the family you might as well get rid of yourself no one like you and no man will ever want you. Look at you” she sneered and walked away.

I felt the first of many tears leak their way down my face. I ran to my car not wanting to stay in school any longer and not wanting to see anyone and explain.

I sent a quick text to Stacy, Jake and Elliot telling them I'm going home and not to worry.

As I headed for home I suddenly thought that Joe was going to be there and I didn't fancy speaking to him or anyone.

I made a U-turn and decided to go to my most favourite place in the world.

After an hour’s drive I finally pulled up at the beach. The smell of the seaside brought a smile to my face.

I walked down onto the sand and made my way towards the sea. The tears had finally stopped but I still had a gaping hole in my heart from her words, maybe it should have been me instead of Grace I know my parents always loved her more than me, maybe if I was the one who had been killed none of this wouldn’t have happened. My parents certainly wouldn’t have turned out the way they are now that’s for sure.

What felt like hours of standing and watching the ocean I finally decided I had better had back home it was an hour drive and they would all freak if they found out I was here alone.