Chapter 1

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I heard a shriek from upstairs and both Frank and I looked up curiously. Jamia ran downstairs with a huge grin on his face.

"I'm pregnant!" She cheered.

I shrieked, jumping up to give her a big hug. Frank smiled, giving us both hugs.

"Oh my god, we're gonna start a family," Frank said.

He gave me a kiss and I giggled softly.

"Just nine months and we're gonna have little babies, I'm gonna be a dad," he said.

"No, Daddy, neko pregnancies aren't the same," I said.

"The typical neko pregnancy is usually only about four months," Jamia sad.

"Only four?" Frank asked.

"Yes, actual cat gestation periods are typically only about sixty days," she said.

"Oh, well now I'm scared, four months is too soon," he said. "What if I'm not ready?"

"You're gonna be perfect," I said.

"I'm probably a few weeks along already, we should head down to the doctor now," she said.

We nodded and got into the car. Frank drove us to the special neko doctor's house, where she ran her little clinic in her own house.

"Hello, how can I help you?" The lady asked when she opened her door.

"I'm gonna have babies," I said.

Frank chuckled, holding my hand.

"I just found out I was pregnant," Jamia said.

"Oh, come in, my name is Hayley," she said.

We followed her downstairs to the clinic.

"Do you know the father?" Hayley asked.

"Gee is," she said, gesturing to me. "I'm their surrogate."

They did all that boring mumbo jumbo as I looked around. Finally we got to the part with the ultrasound.

"Well, looks like you're carrying four little kittens," Hayley said.

I shrieked happily but couldn't help but notice how Frank seemed to pale a bit.

"F-four babies?" He asked.

"Yay! We're gonna have four babies!" I cheered.

"They all look good," Hayley said. "Although one of them does look a little bit smaller, it'll probably be born a runt if it doesn't get any bigger."

"Can you tell the sex yet?" I asked.

Hayley bit her lip. "Come back in two weeks for a checkup and then we'll be able to see the sex."

I clapped my hands happily and they talked about things before we finally got to go.

"Hey, Do you mind dropping me off at the Starbucks down the road?" Jamia asked. "I was gonna meet up with a friend.

I gasped. "But you're not allowed to drink coffee anymore, Mia Bia."

"I'm getting a smoothie, Sweetheart," she said, kissing my cheek.

"Okay But you have to make sure it's a healthy smoothie," I said.

"I know, I will," Jamia said.

She kissed my cheek once more before she left. Frank didn't say anything the entire way home and I ran inside the second he put the car into park. I smiled, grabbing my computer.

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