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After meeting the so called Liam he felt a little more happy about his run than before. He hoped he would bump into the guy again.

Jogging home from the park with a dog was tiring. He didn't feel like doing anything but taking a shower and go to bed when he came home. Why did he agree to go out with the dog?

"Niall I'm home!" He called to his brother when he opened the front door to their shared home. Niall was his older brother by two years. The dog barked happily and sprinted in the direction of Niall.

Niall jumped from his seat on the couch and slammed his laptop shut where he was just checking his email from a certain Liam Payne.

"Uh... Thanks." He said a small blush covering his pale cheeks. "I owe you for that one." He assured him awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. He didn't want to go out with his dog today because he had maybe or maybe not waited for an email.

The only answer he got was a roll of his eyes and a soft smile in Niall's direction. "It's okay goofball. I'm gonna head in the shower now." He said putting his coat up and taking his shoes off before disappearing up the stairs.

Niall breathed out a sigh of relief and fell back down onto the couch closing his eyes for a second. "Shit." He muttered to himself before turning the tv on wanting some sort of distraction.

Luke sighed to himself and rolled his eyes.. How could Niall be the eldest of the two?

He stripped out of his clothes and went into the bathroom washing away the stink of wet dog and sweat.


A knock on the door surprised the older male. He put his morning coffee down and went to open the front door surprised to see Liam standing there. "Hi Li. What brings you here?" A happy looking Harry said stepping aside to let his best friend inside. The two made their way into the kitchen and Harry took his mug from where he placed it on the counter before.

"So... what's up? What brings you here this early?" He asked checking the time to see it was only a little over nine. Usually none of the boys were awake there. Liam looked around awkwardly and gave an obvious fake laugh. "Can't I come visit my best friend?" He was such a bad liar and he had no idea how he was gonna get out of this mess.

"I uh.. Didn't think we had hung out in a while." He said with a half hearted smile and scratched the back of his neck sitting down in a chair in the kitchen. How did he move onto the topic?

Harry nodded and made Liam a cup or tea before sitting down in a seat across from him. "That's true. My work had been getting to me lately. All the late night at the office with extra work since my assistant quit and it's driving me insane." He groaned frustrated just by thinking about it.

"And it isn't helping that Lilly is on business trips more than she is home so Eleanor never sees her mother.. I'm worried about her. I'm can't be the mother she never has and I'm getting frustrated always being alone.. I just want someone here with me you know?" He whispered quietly tapping his finger against the wooden table.

The mood in the room suddenly turned all sad and quiet and Liam actually felt bad for Harry. Being all alone always can't be fun. "That is exactly why you need this... Maybe bring Eleanor and her boyfriend along? I haven't even met the guy and I'm practically her uncle." He said with a soft smile high giving himself in his head for bringing it up so subtle.

Just as Harry opened his mouth to answer a tired and moody looking Eleanor stepped into the kitchen. "Did someone call my name?" She muttered dragging herself over to the counter to pour herself a glass of orange juice.

Harry smiled and stood up from the table going over to give his daughter a kiss on the cheek. "Morning princess. We were just talking about going out for dinner and a movie later and wondered if you and your boyfriend wanted to come along? So you won't be bored."

Eleanor bit her lip and thought for a moment. She hadn't gotten laid in a while so having Louis over couldn't be that bad could it? "Sure..." She said hesitantly. "I can ask him."

She pulled her new Iphone 6S she had gotten from her daddy (please please please daddy all the others have one and they tease me and say I'm poor) out of her pocket the pink glitter cover almost blinding Harry when the sunlight hit it.

Hi babe. Wanna come over? Dad and one of his friends wants to take me out... So lame... Please join. <3

Uh.. Yeah? Sure. When and where are we going? And why so sudden?

Have no idea. It's out for dinner and movie. I think my dad wants to know you better before we go any further... ;) not that we haven't done that. God... Can't you come over.. Like now? I'm so horny...

Babe don't get yourself ahead. Your dad is home. :)

Eleanor Calder sent you a photo.

Louis groaned in disgust and deleted the picture of Eleanor not wanting to puke all over his phone. But he couldn't deny the fact that he was burning to see the curly haired lad again.

He wasn't in the mood for Eleanor lately but being on her dad's good side was never a bad thing. Especially not if he wanted to keep his popularity up by hanging out with Eleanor. 

I'm coming over! Be right there. :) x


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